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Branding Case Studies

Pretty is easy. Smart is hard.

Our branding case studies include product design, website design and development, marketing, and e-commerce strategy. What matters most is executing a brand strategy that increases revenue.

Brand Agency Portfolio - Vetiver Aromatics
Brand Agency Portfolio - Hanover College
Lensfactory Video Commercial by NerdBrand

Commercial Production for LensFactory

LensFactory, a direct-to-consumer brand on the Shopify platform, specializes in manufacturing replacement eyeglass lenses. Customers are able to upload their prescription and order new lenses from the comfort of their home!

Nerds love ice cream.

And if you don’t, well, the photography you’re about to see will change your mind.

Introducing Blaze Pizza’s new digital menu screens!

Digital menu boards bring you a fresh and dynamic way to experience any offering.

Cinema Advertising Campaign for Hanover College

Hold on to your hats, folks, ’cause Hanover College is going big time! Our cinema ad campaign alone generated over 300,000 impressions.

LensFactory Brand Guidelines

LensFactory is an eyeglass lens manufacturer. We set to create a comprehensive brand guide that would help LensFactory communicate its brand identity and message effectively, reducing high costs in marketing.

LensFactory DTC Marketing

Ads that please Google AND customers. The results were a 150% increase in online sales.

Advertising well isn’t as simple as opening Canva, popping out a few templated designs, and cashing checks.

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Looking for more proof?

In one of our case studies, you’ll find we completed a rebrand and product redesign that contributed to a 30% e-commerce sales increase year-over-year. In another, we increased revenue by 123% with email marketing alone.

Big Bentley Brand
Hanover College enrollment boosting user experience
Branding Case Studies - E-cmmerce
Branding Case Studies - rebranding
Brand Design
Branding Case Studies - New Brand
Mirazon Portfolio Art Thumbnail
Branding Case Studies on Naming
CPA Website Design

Our branding case studies show that designing something that looks great is important. But it’s absolutely vital that branding efforts produce positive changes in revenue. We don’t seek awards; we strive to deliver results.