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Everything is an ad.

Branding is the art and science of creating a memorable experience.
Brand Identity

NerdBrand is a creative brand agency located in Louisville, KY taking a data-driven approach with branding.

Brand strategies encompass voice, storytelling, brand identity, values, and overall vibe. We create a strategy by evaluating where you are and clarifying your goals.

Let’s identify the marketing channels and establish how your brand can attract an audience—by executing consistent marketing campaigns into motion.

Design influences what buyers think of you. We create amazing brand visuals by updating all creative, web, and print materials needed for marketing and sales.

Our team of experts combines data-driven insights with creative thinking to develop impactful branding and marketing campaigns.

Pretty is easy, smart is hard.


million in revenue generated for our clients.

We’ll regularly imagine new ad campaigns and execute marketing tactics toward one simple goal: increasing your revenue.

So, how do we work together?


We start each project by examining your “why?” This defines your brand story — what ultimately persuades others to care. Most importantly, this process answers the question: “Why should I buy from you?”


The message and aesthetic of every part of your business should be sharp and intentional. With a firm brand strategy in place, you can be confident your marketing campaigns will stand out.


You’ll have access to a team of brand strategists, designers, and marketers executing toward one simple goal: increasing your revenue.


Working under a retainer, we constantly strive to find repeatable campaigns to grow your business. We learn the ebbs and flows of your business, so we can consistently increase revenue and reduce marketing waste.

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