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Web Design

Web Design Philosophy

Web design agency services for national brands from Louisville to Los Angeles. We’re trusted to create designs that build a platform for revenue.

User Experience

Our team begins by getting to know you, and your brand, as well as your users. In doing so, we find out how the business intends to grow and evolve. Then, with this information, our team makes data-driven enhancements for peak website performance.


After getting familiar with you and your goals, we create a basic content “road map” or sitemap.

A sitemap outlines your navigation, lists the pages of a website, and describes how those pages relate to each other. Once approved, the wireframing process begins.


A wireframe is a blueprint of your website’s page layout. It provides a look at the frame or structure we will build.

As such, there won’t be design elements like colors or images. But, it will contain suggestions of where images, headlines, and copies will exist. This process aids our developers to deliver a quality product.

Jonathan Payne site-mapping

Visual Design

During wireframing, the team also prepares a brand guide and UI kit.

With these items, we have the foundation for visual design or UX design. Now the web design comes to life as we apply images, copy, and calls-to-actions.

Web Development Begins

Our custom websites are built on WordPress or Shopify. WordPress allows you to manage content and create custom solutions for scaling businesses. Thus improving your sales and marketing teams’ effectiveness.

Web design projects with NerdBrand always begin with strategy, not simply creating something that looks good.

We also don’t use unreliable commercial WordPress themes that require your brand to mold to it. Our websites are built with our custom theme so that designs and elements are unique to you and your business.