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Web design in a few simple steps.

web design

Discovery and Site Mapping

Before starting your web design project. We define the purpose, pages, and navigation of the website for users and search engines.


Wireframes guide you, our developers, and photographers on how to arrange content. Much like a blueprint. Your wireframe shows where images, videos, calls to action, and content will exist. This process aids our developers in delivering a quality custom product.

Mockup Designs

Building from the wireframes, your website design comes to life as we apply content and images to form a concept. Then comes the build!

Web Development

We build and code your website in our staging environment, hidden from the public until your scheduled launch date. You'll have plenty of opportunities to collaborate as we move toward a finished product.
web design

Your web design sets a baseline for the online look and feel of your brand.

It’s far more than code. It’s all about content.

At the end of the day, building a website comes down to having a formidable brand identity, followed by quality content and photography.

What website platform is the best?

We typically recommend two of the most popular and scalable platforms, WordPress or Shopify. These platforms allow you to easily manage content and create custom solutions for growing your business.

In other words, they empower your sales and marketing teams’ to get the job done well.

Great user experience (UX) creates memorable moments for customers.

Web design is a mix of art and data.

We create web designs that build a platform for revenue. Our web design services are focused on more than just what looks pretty; we’re focused on what drives leads and sales.

web design

It’s not a website, it’s your front door.

Custom web design allows you to build a website around your particular business needs. It’s a process of creating a finely tuned machine that search engines, sales and marketing teams, and your customers love to use.

A website that’s doing its job is generating demand, capturing leads, and communicating your brand message effectively.

web design

Things to think about before building your new website.

Hover over the “plus” icons below to read about different nuances of building a website. 

web design
How many pages will need to live in your navigation? Generally, the fewer, the better. How will these pages be organized and titled? This can affect both users and search rankings.
Great design doesn’t come cheap. Consider how much time designers will spend on making a sophisticated design unique to your brand.
Yes, you’ll need a copywriter! Aside from images, written content is the key building block of a high performing website — for both your visitors and for Google.
Photography is always needed to craft a standout website. And sorry to say, photos from your phone won’t cut it. Photos for websites need to be styled and oriented a specific way to work best across all devices.
Tell us what website functionality you need for blogging, e-commerce, CRM integrations, and analytics. If you ask, we can figure it out. In web, the constraints are time and budget, not possibility!
Lead capture forms for your contact page, email sign-ups, applications, and so on are included. We have a powerful built-in form system that can support all sorts of applications.
If you want to be on Google’s search engine results page, you better be responsive to mobile devices. All sites are required to be mobile responsive or will be de-indexed.
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