Web Design

Web Design

Let’s talk web design.

We’re a Louisville web design agency that understands how a great website can make a lasting impression. NerdBrand helps businesses build experiences that go beyond those of an ordinary, usable design.

This doesn’t mean that usability is any less important. It will take on a different role in web design. Forming the basis for a great user experience.

Usability means user-centered design. NerdBrand’s design and development process is focused on the user. Thus ensuring your web design goals and mental models. Therefore our commitment is to building websites that are efficient and easy to use. The core of usability is clarity.

Poor web design will distract or confuse your visitors. Therefore, frustrated users will take too much time to find what they came for. Thus forget why they are viewing your website all together.

Either way, they will have a poor experience on your website. This could mean that they’ll leave dissatisfied, with no intention of ever coming back.

We partner with you to help your website visitors achieve their viewing goals. So we can start laying the groundwork for a positive experience. Thus creating repeat visits.

How clear and usable web design can be achieved.


Using data from your sites visitors we focus on what’s important. For example we add or remove content to focus the user to do what you want them to do.

Information not Opinion

Informative design decisions create a consistent experience across your website. Likewise we help you avoid communicating things that are only understood in your organization.

Website Architecture

Information architecture organizes your content to help your visitors understand your message. That is to say, it takes your visitors by the hand and lead them where you want them to go.