Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

Your website is where we start to define the corporate identity. This is the first place your audience goes. Thus we lock into that. Track, and develop your brand with that data.

Branding is “in person” and Online.

Providing custom web design, and brand identity, NerdBrand is a “web-first” focused branding agency. See how branding and data can transform your website.

With analytics, we determine what pages resonate with your potential audience. This enables you to target your audience in a really meaningful way.

Web Design Is About Users

Design is user centric. So, a quality-built website focused on user experience is very important. Good design communicates that customers are the number one priority of an organization. As a result, it establishes a relationship and encourages visitors to return.

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Awarded Best Web Developers in Louisville, Kentucky 2020
Awarded Best Web Designers in Louisville, Kentucky 2020

How We Do Web Design and Development

Our web designers make recommendations based on many factors. Some of which are the client’s business goals and unique industry insights. User experience “best practices” are also important. Our strategies affect search rankings, load time, conversion rates and yes, analytics.

Behavioral Analytics

Using heat-maps and other visual data tools, we can see what your users are actually doing. This helps us solve design problems, and better connect your customers.

Web Design Decisions

Now that we have gathered helpful data from your sites visitors, we focus on what’s important. Therefore, we change, add, or remove content that may create a road block.

Website Design in Sprints

We look at how users interact and who they are. Therefore, NerdBrand commits to giving users the best experience on your website. Turning visitors into repeat customers.

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We start by discussing your web design project

Our team begins by getting to know you and your brand. In doing so, we find out how your business intends to grow and evolve. Then, with this information, our team makes data-driven improvements for peak website performance.

Your Website’s Roadmap

Because we now know who you are and your goals, we can create a basic road map, or sitemap. A sitemap lists the pages of a web site and describes how those pages relate to each other. In the finished website, this file will allow search engines to index the pages of your site. Once approved, the next phase begins.

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Basic Sitemap
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A wireframe is a basic blueprint of your website’s page layout. It provides a look at the frame or structure we will build. As such, there won’t be design elements like colors or images. But, it will contain suggestions of where images, headlines and copy will exist.

Visual Design

During wire-framing, the team also prepares a brand standards guide and UI kit. With these items, we have created the foundation for the visual design, or UX/IU design. Now the web design comes to life as we apply images, placeholders for copy, and calls-to-actions.

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