Showing authentic Hanover experiences and building inspiration through video ads proved to be an engaging strategy.

With higher ed enrollment lagging lately, digging into those roots and sharing compelling brand stories is crucial.

A Place to Belong.
A Person to Become.

Student Recruitment Marketing for Private College

We managed both digital and broadcast radio campaigns to improve Hanover’s brand awareness and share their unique offers, such as their Pell Promise and Price Promise.

To attract students and move them into the application process, we created numerous landing pages that supported campaigns, promoted specific academic programs, and captured leads.

Higher Education Web Design and Marketing

A higher education website design project built on WordPress for Hanover College. We were tasked with moving the site from Hanover’s in-house CMS to WordPress.

Now, the website is set to support Hanover’s student recruitment efforts and to scale alongside their digital marketing needs.

Hanover Web Design

To date, our campaigns are generating an estimated $1.5 million annually in new conversion value among prospective students.

We’re delivering well over 15 million targeted impressions to Hanover’s audiences across digital and offline tactics.

Paid search ads drive a lion’s share of activity, while video, display, and remarketing ads attract excellent traffic volume at a low cost-per-click.

Experimenting With TikTok Ads

We’re excited to work with brands that push the envelope and experiment with new opportunities. So, when Hanover asked us for help running TikTok ad campaigns, we jumped at the chance.

Early outcomes are showing TikTok is a reliable channel for building brand awareness and interest among Hanover’s prospective students.

We’re seeing video completion rates superior even to YouTube and advertising costs are on par with Google.

The College Tour on Amazon Prime

We’ve been tight with the Hanover crew for three years, and they called us to help spread the feature trailer using cinema ads in Indianapolis movie theaters.

The results of cinema ads:

333,430 Delivered Impressions

For in-theater cinema advertising in lobbies and auditoriums.

Cinema Advertising Campaign for Hanover College

Hold on to your hats, folks, ’cause Hanover College is going big time!

They just got featured on the latest and greatest Amazon Prime series, The College Tour. And get this, at the end of the episode, a real-life celebrity who went to Hanover showed up!

How cool is that?

About The College Tour

Meet the dream team of Alex Boylan, Lisa Hennessy, and Burton Roberts. They are no strangers to the biz of TV, social media, and tech, and they’re all about that thrill-seeking life and the art of spinning a good yarn.

With “The College Tour,” these rock stars take us on a wild ride, giving us the lowdown on what goes down on campuses across the land and beyond. From smarts, digs, sports, job-prep, campus culture, scenery, and more. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

This killer streaming series takes you on a wild ride to Hanover College – hands down the prettiest darn campus in all of Indiana.

For 30 minutes, you’ll get to know 10 Hanover students and hear about their crazy cool experiences. You won’t believe all the sweet features that make Hanover the best spot for living and learning.