Rebrand for Vetiver Aromatics, an e-commerce retailer of perfume kits.

After 18 months of 600 product label designs, a logo redesign that’s outfitted with a complete brand guide, new advertising campaigns, social posts, and a Shopify website redesign.

After taking on the management of Vetiver’s email marketing and Google Ads in 2020, revenue quickly grew by 3x. Excitedly, we began discussing a rebrand!

But where to start? The logo? Colors? Do we test different designs before committing? How will this design work if the product was on a shelf? What’s the message?

New Shopify Store

We build on WordPress and Shopify at NerdBrand. Regardless of the platform, our focus is on being strategic and creative. Because, at the end of the month, what makes us happy is seeing you hit that next revenue goal.

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Packaging Design, Labels, and Photography

After setting new brand colors, fonts, and more, we redesigned 600 perfume product labels, including bottles, boxes, and marketing materials.

The labels had to be specially designed to fit on many different-sized bottles, as well as printed on liquid-resistant paper. We also carefully considered how the products would look when presented in all places, from a Google Shopping ad to the shelf in your local retail store.

Vetiver Aromatics Perfume Bar & Perfume Making Kits – WAVE Country with Dawne Gee

PPC Advertising and Google Shopping Ads

We’re proud to say website sessions from our PPC and Google Shopping campaigns increased by 172%, and revenue increased by 244%.

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