About Us

About Us

We believe your website is your first, most valuable expression, and should serve to inform every other face of your brand.

NerdBrand is a “web-first” focused branding agency. We provide custom website design, advertising, marketing, and brand identity.

We’re a branding agency that focuses first on your website. This is where all your digital marketing begins. Here we use audience data to determine how to best position your brand for success.

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Jason Davis

Chief Executive Officer

Jason was well prepared when he transitioned from engineering to web development. For over a decade he has exercised his unique gift for understanding processes. He does this by crafting efficient and profitable paths to engage audiences.

He is highly successful in helping brands fashion a user-friendly internet presence. From million dollar corporations to start-ups. Jason has proven himself as a tactician who knows exactly where to place all the chess pieces on the board. He knows one strategy, and that is to win.

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Mitch Gregory

Chief Creative Officer

Mitch is more than an advertising guy – he’s an “advertising evangelist.”

Mitch has spent over 25 years helping brands create highly memorable campaigns. He has done this from print to digital, for a variety of industries. From healthcare to industrial equipment and fortune 100 companies.

Mitch finds no greater satisfaction than that of fashioning brand messages. Especially those that hit all the right emotional and intellectual chords. It’s not just his job, it’s his passion.

Why Work
With Us?

Whoever discusses your ideas with you is part of the team actually doing the work. It’s an approach that’s personal and tailored to your needs. This creates a better relationship.

Faster Turnaround

We don’t take on more projects than we can handle. That way you don’t get lost in the shuffle of other clients, which also makes us more affordable for our customers. It also helps us to work more swiftly on your project.