About Us

About Us

From your business cards and signage to your website and advertising, why and how you do it has impact. Understand why we're so passionate about helping you establish a compelling brand presence.

Why NerdBrand?

We love helping people discover and better communicate their “why.”

Your “Why” is the reason you get out of bed in the morning — your purpose, your passion. Most importantly, why is the unique reason customers should buy from you.

At NerdBrand, we believe everything is an ad. We help you consistently and effectively communicate your “why” through every point of the customer experience.

NerdBrand crafts holistic branding married with smart design, leading to impactful marketing strategies and online presences.

Cohesive Branding and Digital Marketing

As a business owner, are you overwhelmed by the ways consumers are changing their buying behaviors? Do you feel like your business is falling behind? Our seasoned team of brand strategists, designers, and marketers will put your stress to rest.

Whether entertaining digital marketing, web design, or traditional marketing channels, NerdBrand will instill confidence in the future of your brand and execute marketing tactics that drive revenue.

Meet The NerdBrand Team

Louisville Web Design Brand Agency | NerdBrand Digital Marketing Agency

Founders Jonathan Payne, Mitch Gregory, and Jason Davis.

Each of us at NerdBrand is passionate to the point of near-obsession about our craft and it shows in our results. So let’s be Nerds together. Let’s share our passions with the world.

I love helping others discover and better communicate their “why” — the reason you get out of bed and do what you do every day. Within this simple philosophy, I’m here to help you communicate your unique brand story and the “how” that defines the special way you provide value to customers.

Clearly defining the why, how, and what of your business replaces all doubt and confusion about your brand. Importantly, it boosts the confidence and optimism you have about the future of your business, allowing you to attract more customers.

With over a decade of hands-on experience building WordPress websites and creating effective user experiences, I spend my time at NerdBrand building better brands in digital channels.

Jason Davis

Head Nerd
(CEO and Co-founder)

Mitch Gregory

Creative Nerd
(CCO and Co-founder)

I am a Creative Director and Advertising Evangelist. That’s how Jason and I met. I have a passion for advertising that is contagious.

I’ve spent 25 years in the advertising arena, gaining deep experience in all facets of advertising and marketing execution — broadcast, print, web, and digital. I’ve been involved in each step of the process from initial concept and strategy to final execution.

At NerdBrand, I lead the development of corporate brand identities and oversee all creative direction for our esteemed clients.

With nearly a decade of client-facing experience building digital marketing experiences for small businesses and national brands like Old Forester, Early Times, KORBEL, and University of Louisville, I’m a firm believer that an effective digital presence can make or break a brand.

I’m also empathetic to the fact that modern marketing channels are overwhelming as a business owner or brand manager. Working with me as the Director of Accounts at NerdBrand, you’ll discover my primary goal is always to remove those anxieties and replace them with optimism about the future of your brand.

Whether it’s improving your brand identity, establishing a social media presence, growing your e-commerce store, or driving leads through paid media, you can count on myself and the NerdBrand team.

Jonathan Payne

Marketing Nerd
(CMO, Director of Accounts, and Co-founder)

Matt Marsh

Nerd Ambassador
(Account Manager)

I am a true people-person. My relationship-minded approach is at the forefront of everything I do. In fact, that’s how I landed at NerdBrand — by starting a relationship with a simple LinkedIn message and growing that into both a business relationship and a friendship. That continues to play itself out.

As an Account Manager, I have the privilege of getting to know you and your brand. The better I know your “why”, the better we can serve you. Think of me as the middle-man between you and the other Nerds.

As a designer, illustrator, and web developer, I bring a unique combination of creativity and technical expertise to the NerdBrand team. That means you’ll find me pitching in anywhere from concepts, strategy, and copywriting to design, development, and site maintenance.

My “why” mission is to integrate thoughtful, elegant designs with a powerful branding message for a holistic business solution.

Lora Byrnside

Technical Nerd
(Web design & Development)