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About NerdBrand

Meet the brand strategists and creators.

Leading with a brand strategy, we make sure your brand’s design, tone, and advertising are attracting the customers you want most. These elements make up your brand identity. Our task is to make sure this identity leaves a lasting impact on your customers.

Jason Davis
brand strategy - Jonathan Payne
Jonathan Payne
brand strategy - Mitch Gregory
Mitch Gregory
Creative Director
Mikayla Meek NerdBrand
Mikayla Meek
Brand Manager

What defines a nerd?

“Being a nerd is not about what you love; it’s about how you love it.”

– Wil Wheaton

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What is NerdBrand? Our Origin Story

The NerdBrand Podcast came years before the agency. Because Nerd culture isn’t just a sub-culture in the shadows; it is today’s culture.

Things like comics, movies, and video games are no longer taboo. Our podcast discusses the business, branding, and advertising lessons we can learn from these industries.

NerdBrand Agency was later founded by Jason, Mitch, and Jonathan. Decades of combined experience in brand strategycreative, web, and marketing sit at the helm of NerdBrand.

About NerdBrand

Overthinking is actually a thing.

It’s easy to overthink problems. Everyone does it. But we become most productive and find the best solutions when we focus on the facts and identify problems.

Communication and consistency are key in advertising. Our recommendations and solutions are grounded in achieving your concrete financial goals and objectives. 

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