Our Brand Philosophy

Why, How, and What.

From your business cards and signage to your website and advertising, why and how you do it has an impact. Understand why we’re so passionate about helping you establish a compelling brand presence.

We love helping business owners better communicate their “why.”

Because we believe Everything is an Ad.

Therefore, we develop unique branding, websites, and marketing strategies to grow your business.

Our Team

At NerdBrand we’re passionate to the point of near-obsession about our craft and it shows in our results.

Jason Davis
CEO and Co-Founder
Jonathan Payne
CMO, Director of Accounts, and Co-Founder
NerdBrand's co-founder and creative director Mitch Gregory
Mitch Gregory
CCO and Co-Founder
Lora Byrnside
Web Designer and Developer

We love helping people discover and better communicate their “why.”

As a business owner, are you overwhelmed by the ways consumers are changing their buying behaviors? Do you feel like your business is falling behind? Our seasoned team of brand strategists, designers, and marketers will put your stress to rest.

Whether entertaining digital marketing, web design, or traditional marketing channels, NerdBrand will instill confidence in the future of your brand and execute marketing tactics that drive revenue.