About us

About us

From your website, business card, email, and internal memos. How you say it, and share it has impact. We help you best navigate those communication channels to stay on Brand.

Why NerdBrand?

You are a nerd if you are passionate, committed to your product or brand, and you want the world to share your passion.

We love sharing your passion through web design, branding, and digital marketing solutions.

Meet the Team

Each one of us at NerdBrand is passionate to near-obsession about our craft and it shows in our results. So let’s be Nerds together. Let’s share our passions with the world.

Head Nerd

CEO and Co-founder

I love helping people re-discover and better communicate their “why.” The reason you get out of bed and do what you do. In that simple philosophy we help you articulate your why. Then we help you communicate the “how” that is your special way to provide value to your customers.

Defining these replaces all doubt, and confusion about your brand. It will boost your confidence and optimism about the future of your business.

I spend my time in digital advertising providing strategy for businesses to build better websites, brands, and messaging to improve their businesses presence online. As well as lay a better foundation for future growth.

Creative Nerd

CCO and Co-founder

I am a Creative Director and Advertising Evangelist. That’s how Jason met me. I have a passion for advertising that is contagious.

I’ve spent 25 years in the advertising and marketing arena. All with in-depth experience in all phases of advertising and marketing execution. Things like broadcast, print, web, and digital. I’ve been involved in each step of the process from initial concept and strategy, to final execution.

Marketing Nerd

CMO and Co-founder

You’re probably overwhelmed by digital marketing and feel like your business is behind the times, and your competition is leaping ahead of you.

You know having a digital marketing presence is important, but you can’t quite piece together all the moving parts. Therefore you need someone to take the reins of your digital marketing project, guide you in the direction of success, and even take it off your hands completely so you can focus on more important operational responsibilities.

Whether entertaining digital marketing solutions, social media presence, a new website set up for new business generation, or an overall strategy to drive more people to your business, I know your struggle. I’ve seen it time and time again, and I’d love to help put your stress to rest.

At the start was
The NerdBrand Podcast.

At the start was the NerdBrand podcast. It is a nerd culture and marketing podcast. As Nerd, or geek, culture is no longer a sub-culture, it’s the culture of today.

Things such as creative design and marketing for comics, novels, and video games are no longer isolated. We talk about how these are forever intertwined with advertising and branding. 

From there we began, then to the agency.

Ready to make your Brand Nerdy?

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We can help!

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Sending Your Resume

In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to send transfers using the web browser service of WeTransfer.

The free service allows you to send up to 2GB in file size total.

We’ve made a nifty little graphic with instructions on how to send your file transfer on the web browser.