About NerdBrand

About NerdBrand

Meet the brand strategists and creators.

Leading with brand strategy, we make sure your brand’s design, tone, and ads are attracting the customers you want most. These elements make up your brand identity.

Our task is to make sure this identity leaves a lasting and memorable impact.

Jason Davis
brand strategy - Jonathan Payne
Jonathan Payne
brand strategy - Mitch Gregory
Mitch Gregory
Creative Director
Mikayla Meek NerdBrand
Mikayla Meek
Brand Manager

Who we help.


From thought leaders to consultants, – our work connects customers to you.


We breathe and love start-ups, whether you’re at the idea stage or scaling, our work is geared to your future in mind.


Our work with organizations ranges from businesses to non-profits, giving us a wealth of expertise to tap into.

What defines a nerd?

“Being a nerd is not about what you love; it’s about how you love it.”

– Wil Wheaton

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What is NerdBrand? Our Origin Story

The NerdBrand Podcast came years before the agency (circa 2017). Our podcast discusses the business, branding, and advertising lessons we can learn from the industry.

NerdBrand Agency was later founded by Jason, Mitch, and Jonathan. Decades of combined experience in brand strategycreative, web, and marketing sit at the helm of NerdBrand Agency.

About NerdBrand

When you need us.

  • When your marketing is not effective.
  • When your potential customers think you are out of business or do something else.
  • When your business is considered too expensive.
  • When you’re not seeing any growth PERIOD.

Wondering how to get started?

Brand consultation analyzes your brand and examines how it performs against competitors. This is a service that reviews existing material, digital content, and internal processes to support any new brand initiatives.

NerdBrand’s brand managers provide analysis, possible solutions, and general marketing expertise for you to better understand your current brands effectiveness and improve the sale of your products/services.

This is IN-OFFICE with the nerds for one hour.