About Us

About Us

How NerdBrand Thinks

In this digital age consumers have a ton of options to help find truly authentic and real experiences, products and services. If what you’re offering is real, the public will know, and they’ll let others know too!

And they’ll do it with just one click.

We develop your brand by combining a Data-Driven Strategy with Creative Web Design. Then we start crafting your brands presence with the best information possible. As a result we work to make your brand convert audiences into loyal ambassadors.

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At the start was
The NerdBrand Podcast.

The NerdBrand podcast was a nerd culture and marketing podcast. Nerd (or geek) culture is no longer a sub-culture, it’s THE culture of day.

Marketing for things like comics and novels and video games is no longer an isolated thing.

Now from podcast to Branding Agency.

Jason started his own company providing creative web design, WordPress development, and branding. In the fall of 2014 it was acquired and is now under new ownership and a new name.

Still spending time developing websites, branding, content development, and marketing. There was something missing. His own place to show off his passions.

Creative Director/ Advertising Evangelist. That’s how Jason met Mitch. After 25 years in the advertising and marketing arena. As well as in-depth experience in all fazes of advertising and marketing execution. Mitch’s passion for advertising is contagious.

From broadcast, to print, to web, to digital… Mitch has been involved in each step of the process. From initial concept and strategy, to final execution.

Intelligent Branding.

A Brand Agency creates, plan, and manage branding strategies. Including support in advertising, and other forms of promotion.

We clearly define the corporate identity using the place users first typically visit. Your website.

Using website data we develop communication points you need in place before running into the marketplace.

  • Positioning
  • Brand DNA
  • Messaging
  • Logo Mark
  • Brand Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Style Guides
  • Product Strategy
Greg Taylor Brand Identity Package
Greg Taylor Brand Identity Package

Data-Driven Design.

We’re a branding agency that focuses first on your website. This is where all your brands messaging begins. Here we use audience data to determine how to improve your website.

Creative web design should is more user centric. Both for your customers and you. A clearly crafted website communicates the priority of an organization.

With analytics, we determine what pages resonate with your potential audience. How can you target your audience, if you do not know who they are?

  • Web Design
  • UX/UI
  • Responsive Design
  • Visual Data Optimization
  • SEO
  • Digital Ads
  • Social Media
  • Video
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Tell us about your passion.