Video Production

Video marketing is being offered everywhere, but quality counts as much as budget.

Video Production and Branding

Tell your “why” to your customers in a captivating way. Video holds attention, and is the best tool for marketing.

But you need a reason for it. There has to be a purpose for your video. That’s where we come in as your Brand Agency for your Video production needs.

Promotional Videos are Branding

Think about where your potential customers are watching. Now you have get your product promotion in front of them. Video Branding creates and distributes your message to your customers.

We help you figure the message and goals for your video up front to communicate your brands products.

There are several types of videos we can do.

Cultural Videos

The culture behind a brand can help with your employer branding for recruitment.

Testimonials Videos

A video that grabs attention with a real person on video talking about how you solved their problem.

Recruitment Videos

Video testimonials are a direct way to verify you as a trusted employer, and best place to work.

Interview Videos

Interviews are everywhere, even in the mainstream media. Now video can have you create, and show the same content.

Product Review Videos

Product reviews influence potential customers to buy your products features.

Tutorial Videos

Offer actionable resources to your audience that is your market vertical. Let’s create a tutorial video or even a series.

Video Editing

There’s a popular story of Star Wars. George Lucas is an innovator and had shot the entire movie. Then he edited the film for his friends to view it before release.

It was terrible. While George was great at what he does. His wife took the footage, and re-edited the entire movie to the blockbuster that you see today.

Video editing is more than cutting some scenes together.

A good video editor is as important.

Star Wars blaster lineart

Han shot first by the way…


How long are your videos?

Over half of your customers will watch a video that’s one minute or less, which puts an incentive on keeping your message short and sweet.

What do your videos cost?

That depends on the length, editing you want, type of video, if we are on location or studio, and other factors. Complete the questionnaire and it’ll short cut and save you time and money.

Can I make a change once we start shooting?

Not recommended. Scripting for a video is necessary for keeping things on budget and on time. Deviations after the pre-production process could lead to extensive time delays, and budget increases.

What about talent?

Sure we can contact a local talent agency for actors. As long as you are ok covering catering and the rates they may ask for or require.

Where can I use the video?

Anywhere that you’ve purchased that media buy, or want to place online within reason of the videos destination and purpose.

Why do I need to complete a questionnaire?

It takes a lot of planning and time to produce a video. So the questionnaire gets all the surprises out of the way, and best determines and delivers expectation according to your budget.