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How does this work you ask?

Video Production
Video Production

Video marketing is being offered everywhere.

However, quality counts as much as budget.

Video design and production is the process of creating videos to market your product or service. When we pair this with effective video marketing techniques, we will vividly tell your “why.”

Where we begin

Video Production

First Consulting.

We dig in and determine what type of video are you looking for? We start with gathering information about your existing brand identity. Then, we conduct interviews with your leadership, internal stakeholders, employees, clientele, and strategic partners.

Next, Story Design.

We then imagine what we can create, then script it and figure out how to tell that story. We compose a brand guide that establishes your brand’s colors, fonts, and standard use of creative assets. Then, we bring your website branding and all marketing materials to align with your new corporate or personal brand.

Lights, Camera, Action!

It's exciting and sexy to be "on set" however we have to find where to shoot and schedule when. If there's a need for "talent" we get that done too. Then we record!

We know it can be confusing trying to figure out what you need.

What types of video are you looking for?

Think about where your potential customers are watching, and get your product promotion in front of them.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos can reach your audience on social media, tv, programmatic (OTT and CTV), and pre-roll for Youtube and Trueview.

Cultural Videos

The culture behind a brand is the secret sauce that whets employee appetites and perks up bored, disenchanted consumers.

Testimonials Videos

With businesses competing now for online reviews, you can grab attention with a real person on video talking about how your service or product solved their problem.

Recruitment Videos

Recruitment is a need when the economy is booming and employers need to look attractive, and desirable to the hires they want. Video testimonials are a direct way to verify you as an authority.

Interview Videos

What better way to help grow your authority on a subject than to do an interview? Interviews are everywhere, even in the mainstream media. Now video can have you create, and show the same content.

Product Review Videos

Have you been seen the explosion of product reviews on Youtube ?There are “open box” videos, makeup reviews, clothing and more online now. Jump in!

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Video Production
Video Production
Video Production
Video Production
Video Production
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