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01. Research

LensFactory, a direct-to-consumer brand on the Shopify platform, specializes in manufacturing replacement eyeglass lenses. Customers are able to upload their prescription and order new lenses from the comfort of their home!

Item No.

02. Strategy

Online lens replacement is a relatively new option for customers. Leaning into video allowed for the power of storytelling to be used. We explained how the online ordering process works and why LensFactory is a great choice.

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03. Executed

The commercial supported a national media campaign that served video ads through OTT and CTV — fancy acronyms for streaming TV like Roku, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and others.

The results were a 150% increase in online sales.

DTC E-commerce Marketing for Shopify Brand

We served targeted banner ads directly to households of individuals who wear glasses. Last but not least, our campaigns served retargeting ads to draw repeat traffic to the LensFactory website.

Ads that please Google AND customers.

Advertising well isn’t as simple as opening Canva, popping out a few templated designs, and cashing checks. As you improve your e-commerce marketing, much data is pouring in about customers’ shopping behavior, marketing performance metrics, and website optimizations.

When that starts to happen, what do most do? They run out to get a pretty new website, email designs, social media posts…

Brand guidelines project.

Recently we worked with LensFactory, an eyeglass lens manufacturer, to create a comprehensive brand guide that would help LensFactory communicate its brand identity and message effectively.

One of the strengths of this brand guideline?

It uses clear and concise language.

The focus is written in a way that is easy to understand, even for someone unfamiliar with branding or marketing. This makes it a valuable resource for employees to create marketing materials.

“Anyone” can make attractive designs.

It’s a defined brand strategy and intelligent, mindful execution of the tactics that make advertising work.

That’s especially true when your customers often only interact with your brand digitally.

We love getting into the weeds of e-commerce analytics and marketing tactics. Our job is to find the best advertising mix (we also make sure it looks great too).

While we’re busy doing that, you’ll be freed up to focus on business strategy, product development, networking, fulfillment, and operations.

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