PPC Advertising and Google Shopping Ads

Vetiver Aromatics is a leading DTC e-commerce brand selling perfume-making kits, supplies, and more using the Shopify platform.

We’re proud to say website sessions from our PPC and Google Shopping campaigns increased by 172%, and revenue increased by 244%.

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The Results

“NerdBrand has been great for my online retail business. Since I started working with them back in February, my sales have tripled.” –  Angie Andriot

Restructuring Paid Ad Campaigns

By restructuring campaigns, Vetiver Aromatics is able to make data-driven decisions and better understand what products are in high demand among customers.

We’ve consistently driven Vetiver to their highest revenue-generating months in the company’s history. Our digital ad campaigns are responsible for 44% of the store’s annual revenue.

Conversion rates peaked at 12.13% following eight continuous months of improvement.


Increase in YoY Traffic


Increase in YoY Revenue


Conversion Rate Peak

Solutions We Provided

We first audited the Vetiver’s historic use of Google Ads, including campaign structures, placements, budgets, bidding, conversion tracking, and more. Our team was quick to spot a number of issues.

The most significant error was a previous ads manager had set up a Purchase Goal to trigger on every single page visit, meaning when someone visited any page on the website, it was improperly tracked as being a purchase.

This was causing significant discrepancies in sales data, and led search ads to spend the budget inefficiently.

Revenue Growth

With NerdBrand in the driver’s seat, Vetiver Aromatics is on pace for exceptional revenue growth.

We’re meeting a consistent 6-7x return on ad spend (ROAS), meaning our campaigns are generating $6-7 in revenue for every $1 in ad spend! An industry-standard ROAS is 3-4x.

A couple of other important issues we resolved.

  • We identified over a dozen products with errors that prevented them from serving Google Shopping Ads. Then revised photos, SKUs, descriptions, and more to bring the products into compliance.
  • We also noticed budgets on individual campaigns were set substantially higher than necessary. Some campaigns were budgeted to spend upwards of 4x as much as they had historically spent. Other campaigns were set up and had a budget allocated to them, but were getting zero impressions.
  • We revised the campaigns, removed those that were not serving, and reallocated the budget to campaigns with much higher returns.
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