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How does this work you ask?

DTC Marketing
DTC Marketing

A new website to match the new brand.

Reorganizing content on the website to give users an easier time navigating products and checkout.

Reformatting content on pages specifically to make the mobile user experience better.

The site uses tables in several places to display content, and it wasn’t the friendliest on mobile. Other things like font size, header formatting, and content length were reviewed.

A dedicated budget.

It doesn’t have to be crazy; we start with a small monthly spend. Then work to get 3-4x that in monthly sales directly from that ad spend. We don’t waste marketing dollars – rule #1.
DTC Marketing

How to choose the best agency for e-commerce DTC marketing?

The best DTC marketing and branding agency helps you sell your product paired with a marketing strategy that gets repeat business monthly.

Online stores have to be effective in selling products to both B2B and B2C.

An intelligent e-commerce agency executes marketing strategies that allow you to track and invoice orders better and follow up with customers.

DTC Marketing

It’s about the customer experience.

NerdBrand is an e-commerce brand agency. We have created websites, ads, and campaigns for e-commerce websites to offer subscription payments, as well as digital downloads and quote-based transactions.

We focus on generating repeated online sales. A website (or platform) alone doesn’t create sales month-to-month.

Strategy First.

A well-executed e-commerce strategy lets you sell virtually any product or service online. Improve customer engagement by offering coupons and other incentives with a well-designed store front.

DTC Marketing
DTC Marketing
DTC Marketing
DTC Marketing

Here is the breakdown of what we do in the realm of Direct To Consumer.

Conversion Rate

When we started in 2020, the mobile conversion rate was 0.52%.


Fast forward to today, the conversion rate is around 2.65%.


100k visits, a 2.65% conversion rate, and $75 average order = $198,750 revenue


A reasonable percentage of your gross annual revenue and how aggressively you want to get to market.
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