Brand Identity

Brand Identity

A Branding Agency builds your
brand identity and communicates your vision.

Brand agencies do more than just web design, logos, and traditional print and media projects. Brand agencies develop and shape your brands message. They also craft how your brand is visually represented.

It’s about clearly defining your brands identity and the communication points of your company. Most important, how your product is perceived in the marketplace.

What we do to develop your brand identity


We dig to find out who your prospects are and what motivates them to engage. We use that data to better position your brand.

Competitive analysis

We analyze who’s winning and who’s losing in the marketplace. You dive deep to see what it really takes to position your brand above your competitors.

Brand message

What are the words and images that most strongly resonate with your customers? NerdBrand composes a language and vocabulary that target your most coveted prospects.

Identity design

Your logo is your thumbprint. Your colors are your best-impression wardrobe. We craft an identity that clearly and powerfully expresses who you are, what you’re about.

NerdBrand Business Card Photo

Even your business card says a lot about you.

Business cards are a first impression item. When you are face to face at a meeting or network event, people ask two things really – who are you and what do you do?

Why does your company exist? Or perhaps, think of this question.

What do you want people to remember about your business?

This is where we come in.

Careful how
you say it.

From your website copy to what what it says on your name tag, it all matters.

“Everything you do is an ad.”
– Mitch’s Axiom number 129.

Let’s say you run an social media campaign on Google or Facebook. The destination for potential customers needs to be clearly communicated.

We love to sit and listen to business owners tell their stories, and craft their brand story in a way that is more visual, and really touches your audience. We tell a story that takes them to that “happy place.”

A Unified Effort To Support Louisville

We’re calling on our Kentuckiana family to support one another — by sharing expertise, sharing time, and sharing resources. We are one impressive and gifted community when we work together.