Brand Identity

What is a Brand Agency?

(Brand Agencies help communicate your vision.)

A Branding Agency builds your Brand Identity.

Brand Agencies help communicate shape your brand identity and how it is represented across all marketing platforms. We do more than just websites, logos, and videos.

We clearly define the brand identity and the communication points your company, or product, will need in place. All before running out into the marketplace, and well before you begin deploying your product or services.

  • Positioning
  • Brand DNA
  • Messaging
  • Logo Mark
  • Brand Development

Your business card says a lot about you.

Business cards are a first impression item. When you are face to face at a meeting or network event, people ask two things really – who are you and what do you do?

Why does your company exist?

Your business card needs to be as clear as your pitch. This is one place where we come in.

Careful how
you say

From your website copy to what appears on your name tag (Mitch hates those), it all matters.

“Everything you do is an ad.”
– Mitch’s Axiom number 129.

When you run a campaign on Google or Facebook, the destination for potential customers needs to be clearly communicated.

We love to sit and listen to business owners tell their stories, and craft their brand story in a way that is more visual, and really touches your audience. We tell a story that takes them to that “happy place.”