Brand Identity

Brand Identity

A branding agency enhances your brand identity and communicates your vision.

A brand identity formalizes your brand’s core aesthetic and message.

As a branding agency, we don’t simply create logos; we marry strategic messaging with smart design to tell a consistent story from all marketing angles. We dig deep to understand the “Why” that drives your business day-in and day-out.

Most importantly, we bring a holistic philosophy to branding with the belief that everything is an ad. From your business cards and apparel to your sales presentations and website – every aspect of your persona must paint a unique, consistent brand identity.

How We Develop Your Brand Identity

Consumer Research

We identify who your customers are and what truly motivates them to engage with your brand.

Competitive Analysis

Who’s winning and who’s losing in the marketplace? Take a deep dive into the market and understand what it really takes to position your brand above competitors.

Brand Message

How do you tell a story that strongly resonates with your customers? By helping you discover or redefine your brand’s “Why”, we’re able to tell a compelling story your customers latch onto.

Identity design

Our brand strategists and creative team craft a brand identity that powerfully expresses why your business exists, how you deliver value to customers, and what you offer.

Everything is an ad.

From that first interaction with your company, customers begin to paint a picture in their minds. That picture may originate from of seeing your product on a shelf, accepting your business card at a networking event, or watching a video on Instagram.

Whatever the touch-point is, your brand needs to speak a certain language to encourage action from customers.

Take a good look at your business. Is everyone using the same brand vocabulary? The same imagery? The same tone? Do your employees know how to express the core reason your brand exists?

If not, that’s where we come in…

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