Brand Identity

Brand Identity

A branding agency does more than just make cool logos.

We marry strategic messaging with smart design to tell a consistent story from all advertising angles.

Our branding process is rooted in the simple truth that memorable brands win

It’s not enough to throw features and facts at your audience. You must join the benefits of your brand with emotion-inducing messaging and content. And you must do it consistently.

That’s the art of creating an effective brand identity and making your product powerfully appeal to customers.

Our Branding Process

Phase One:

Brand Questionnaire and Interviews

We begin with a simple questionnaire to gather information about your existing brand identity. Then, we conduct interviews with your leadership, internal stakeholders and employees, clientele, and strategic partners.

Phase Two:

Brand Architecture and Brand Strategy

Before you think about marketing tactics, setting your brand strategy is crucial for reaching your ideal customer. You need them to do more than look at you; you need them to respond to your content and seek out your brand. This is what it means to properly position your brand.

Phase Three:

Visual Brand Identity

With a clear strategy in place, we can design with purpose.

First, we address your logo, the singular graphic element that embodies your unique business. Then, we compose a brand guide that establishes your brand’s colors, fonts, and standard use of creative assets.

Finally, we bring your website and all visual marketing materials in alignment with your new brand. 

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