Data-Driven Design.
Married with Intelligent Branding.

NerdBrand wants to help you be real.

NerdBrand is a Data-Driven Branding Agency.

Our branding agency provides creative branding, web design, and digital strategy.

Branding Agency and Creative Design

In this digital age consumers have a ton of options to help find truly authentic and real experiences, products and services.

We start with where they go first, your website. From there we collect data to begin to make the best decisions to increase your brand awareness.

How NerdBrand Does Branding

At NerdBrand, we’re all about helping you “be real.”

We believe that when you are authentic, people will trust you, and become loyal fans of your brand.

Our branding agency services provide creative design services and a digital strategy. When you work with us, we get to know the real you, then develop a message that resonates with your future customers.

Brand Identity

We help shape your brand identity and how it is represented across all marketing platforms. We do more than just websites, logos, and videos. We are communicating your passion.

Style Guides

NerdBrand develops style guides for you to implement as a standard for anyone doing creative work to follow. This is how your brand is presented from a graphic and language perspective.

Web Design

We believe that your website is your first, most valuable expression of your brand, and should serve to inform every other expression of your brand.


Video is a fast communicator in a mobile-first world. Using the power of a camera lens, we creatively show your passion to the world to watch with video.

It’s all about Trust.

We’d love to help you define why you do what you love, and what makes the product of that love so great.

Because if you love what you do, you can’t help but want others to love what you do, too!

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