Find your why.

NerdBrand is a branding agency that crafts unique branding, web design, and advertising to propel your business.

Maybe you already know your “why,” but can’t articulate it. Our branding agency team listens to your brand’s “story,” the genesis of your own unique idea. We develop a strategy built around three key factors: WhyHow, and What to engage your customers and drive growth.

Our branding process is simple and easy.

We start by asking, "Why."

Why is your core. It’s the reason you get out of bed in the morning. It’s the single most important quality that separates you from the pack.

Next is defining "How."

Next we will clearly differentiate why choosing your brand will offer your customers a truly superior experience.

Finally clarifying the "What."

Others may do what you do. But our branding process defines the qualities that make your product or service truly unique.

Our Why and How

We love helping people better communicate their “why.” The reason they get out of bed and do what they do.

In that simple philosophy we help you articulate your why. Then we help you communicate “how” you’re special to provide value to your customers.

Places We're In

Nashville Web Design, Branding, Digital Advertising Agency

Louisville Web Design, Branding, Digital Advertising Agency

Lexington Web Design, Branding, Digital Advertising Agency

Branding Agency Capabilities

Brand Strategy & Identity

Brand Guides, Logo Design, Brand Naming, Brand Message

NerdBrand will standardize all forms of your logo, colors, web design, copy, photos, video, and marketing materials. This ensures a strong, consistent brand message.

Web Design & Web Development

UX, WordPress, eCommerce, Analytics, Visual Design

Your website is the most valuable expression of your brand. After establishing strong brand standards, we extend that mission online and creative a responsive web presence.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

Social Media, Email Marketing, Digital Ads, and more.

Brands that have a cohesive, consistent presence across platforms have more success. Such as their website, social media, email, and search engine optimization.

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Sending Your Resume

In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to send transfers using the web browser service of WeTransfer.

The free service allows you to send up to 2GB in file size total.

We’ve made a nifty little graphic with instructions on how to send your file transfer on the web browser.