NerdBrand is a digital marketing and web design agency in Louisville, KY

Data-Driven Marketing.
Married with Intelligent Branding.

At NerdBrand we love both building brands from the ground up and finding ways to make them shine brighter.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing

Holistic Brand Strategy

Intelligent Web Design

NerdBrand is a digital marketing agency based in Louisville, KY. We specialize in digital marketing, custom web design, and brand strategy with one goal in mind:

building ferocious brands.

How NerdBrand Thinks

We develop and nurture a brand’s audience via Growth-Driven Strategy and Design. Using Conversion Rate Optimization, NerdBrand develops your brands presence. We then work to make it convert audiences into loyal brand ambassadors.

How NerdBrand Works

Consider us your digital marketing team. We partner with you so that your brand offers customers the best service or product experience imaginable.

Data – The Capital That Builds Strong Brands

Conversion Rate Optimization is digital marketing on steroids. It’s digital marketing, SEO, and analytics all choreographed for greatest efficiency. We improve and optimize your advertising and website content for the best results. We do this based on user data.

Web Design
in Sprints

Your Website is your marketing hub. Therefore, it’s an integral, organic part of your business’s success that evolves and matures over time. With advanced metric tools, we analyze your website monthly.  Then show you how, and where your visitors are arriving at your web pages.

Our Services

Web Design

Great web design is user focused. Over one third of all sites on the Internet use WordPress as their foundation. Our WordPress themes are custom engineered with you, your brand, and your users in mind.

Brand Identity

We obsess over every detail to ensure that we’re reaching the right targets, in the right place, at the right time. Thus, telling your perfect brand story and setting you and NerdBrand up for success.

Digital Marketing

We continually analyze data to improve your brand’s performance. Making it more nimble in a rapidly changing marketplace. Therefore, focusing on strategy first, to maximize your budget for results.