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Data-Driven Digital Marketing

Nerd Brand is an agency run by nerds who love data-driven marketing, digital advertising, amazing web design, and brand identity creation. We can show you how people are engaging with you by using the Growth-Driven Design Methodology. Nerd Brand will build your brand a website that converts leads into loyal brand ambassadors.

A Brand Agency in Louisville

How we think.

Our approach is based on user centric data. So the cost of designing a website becomes not a one time purchase, but an ongoing investment. Nerd Brand will become an integral part of your marketing team. Helping you offer customers the best service or product imaginable.

Growth-Driven Design with custom WordPress websites.

Growth-Driven Design is Digital Marketing, SEO, and Advertising choreographed to be more efficient by leveraging data to inform continuous improvement and optimize for conversions. This leads to better revenue opportunities.

Web design in sprints.

Growth-Driven Design is simply “conversion rate optimization” for your WordPress website. We continuously improve your website and content over time based on data-driven results. It's more than "just" a website to us. It's a intergral part of your businesses success.


Your brand is a deciding factor for people when choosing your service or product over another.

Web Design

Web Design should be more user centric. Both for your customers and you. We build with awareness of users.


Currently 33% of sites use WordPress. Our themes are custom built with your brand and users in mind.

Digital Marketing

Data driven marketing is a process. We use analysis informed by numbers to improve results.

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We are Digital Strategist using multiple tools, and marketing channels to effectively transform businesses to gain brand awareness, and conversions. It's a data-driven marketing approach that is more than just impressions.

At Nerd Brand we love building brands from the ground up and finding ways to make them shine brighter.