Branding Agency

NerdBrand is a branding agency that creates strategies, imaginative ads, web designs, and digital marketing tactics to meet your business goals.

How We Help Your Brand Grow

Brand Consulting

We interview leadership about your existing business and its current brand identity using a project brief as a guide. You talk, and we listen and offer ideas for solutions.

Brand Strategy

Let’s clarify the brand’s positioning. We define your brand’s desired voice and tone. Then create a message that will set how consumers think of you when they see or hear your business’s name.

Brand Identity

Here we create all the visible elements of your brand, and build your identity using standards to design your logo, write copy, website design, paid ads, graphics, apparel, and more.

Search your brand’s name. Is the search engine results page full of your links, images, and videos about your brand? We can tell Google what you care about and keep that current.

Ecommerce (DTC)

NerdBrand is a brand agency building websites on WordPress and Shopify. Our team has been at this since 2008. We are experts at helping stores online generate revenue and make it reoccur.

Digital Marketing

Ongoing services from us include marketing or partnering with your marketing team. Brand management allows us to be that true extension of your team to execute tasks to meet your goals.

Our Brand Philosophy

Everything is an ad.

Your “why” defines your brand story and persuades others to care. Most importantly, it answers the question, “Why should I buy from you?”

We create the experience customers have with your brand. Whether they visit your website, meet your sales reps at a networking event, or see an ad, the message and aesthetic of every part of your brand identity should be sharp and intentional.

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Our Process

We identify what makes your product or service unique, then weave those qualities into a consistent, compelling brand story.

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