Dana Herra

Dana Herra

Personal Branding

Personal branding is an exceptional tool for executives, consultants, celebrities, and professional athletes.

We recently partnered with Dana Herra on a personal branding and website redesign project. She helps small and medium-sized businesses with brand storytelling and writing marketing content.

What we did: personal branding + WordPress web design + WordPress website development

Personal branding and website design for Dana Herra, a content marketing consultant.
Dana Herra, Owner |

“NerdBrand’s redesign of my company website was a fantastic experience. They kept communication running freely and were open and responsive throughout. The designer took care to understand the feel of my brand and incorporate it into the visual design of the site. The execution was technically flawless, and they were open to trying and discussing all of my tweaks and adjustments.

The team is great to work with, and I sleep well knowing my site is up-to-date and secure – something I just couldn’t guarantee doing it on my own. I would recommend NerdBrand in a heartbeat.”

Much like a corporate brand, your personal brand should start with the creation of a brand identity. Fortunately, Dana already had brand standards and custom photography for us. So, that made jumping straight to her website an easy next step.

Website page displaying an SEO website audit service.

Through collaboration with Dana, we were able to land on an elegant, yet fun website design to support her personal brand. Plus, we integrated a checkout function to help Dana easily sell her services.

What should your personal website include?

What your website specifically includes will depend on what type of personal brand you’re trying to create. But for consultants or freelancers, these are five important things to include.

Portfolio page layout for a personal branding website design project.
  • Your elevator pitch, or why people should work with you
  • Photography of you, which shows your unique personality
  • A portfolio for case studies and showing examples of your best work
  • Testimonials that prove your expertise and value
  • Ways to connect with and contact you