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Hyper-targeted ads


How does this work you ask?

Easily generate ads by automatically converting your existing social media posts!


Your Social Media Creative

Both display and video creative is designed to look like native social ads in other websites. Add an optional QR code to CTV ads for increased engagement.

A/B test

Easily A/B test across creative types and optimize toward top performers.


Organic posts can be live within minutes of being posted to social media. Likes and comments update in real-time on the ad.

Applicable for display, CTV, in-banner video, and in-stream video

  • Quickly generate engaging ads with no creative development needed
  • Improve visibility with high-impact ads
  • Removes barriers to entry for social-centric advertisers to repurpose existing materials and easily implement programmatic and CTV advertising

Any brand with a social presence can leverage social programmatic to help extend reach and drive results by converting organic posts from the top social media sites for immediate programmatic activation.

  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Amusement & Entertainment
  • Higher Education
  • Conferences and Hotels
  • Shopping & E-commerce

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