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Cinema Advertising Made Simple

Premium, uncluttered, and unskippable advertising.

How Cinema Advertising Can Help Your Business

  • Reach families, Gen Z, and Millennials
  • Get access to an audience of 8 million moviegoers each week
  • Show off your brand on 21,000 screens across the US

Of moviegoers are Gen Z & Millennials

Is your business a good fit for cinema ads?

Cinema ads drive accelerated spending across tons of categories. The top ones being dining, retail shopping, travel, pet supplies, home improvement, and entertainment experiences.


Down for dinner and a movie? Of course, who wouldn’t be? It’s ingrained in our culture! Restaurants, bars, ice cream shops and other food & beverage businesses can increase foot traffic by advertising in nearby theaters.


Theme parks, arcades, trampoline parks, and other entertainment venues can reach families, a prime movie-going audience especially during the holidays.

Higher Ed

Reaching generation after generation of prospective students can be a tough task for marketers. Keep your esteemed university or college in front of prospective students and families with kids in the household.


Moviegoers are hungry for experiences and tend to have the disposable income to travel. Putting your brand on the big screen offers the ability to immerse an audience in any destination.

When would my ad run?

How quickly can my ads be started?

Can I advertise anywhere beyond the big auditorium screens?

There’s more! We can also run your ad on TV screens in movie theater lobbies. Even better, we can tag movie attendees and continue serving digital display ads to them after they’ve left the theater.

How do I know if movie theater ads are working?

Can cinema ads be paired with other marketing tactics, like geofencing and digital advertising?