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What should a brand guide include?

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A brand guide allows you, and any contractors you work with, to be on the same page with regards to your visual identity. It’s paramount to stand out in a crowd, but if you have an inconsistent brand, logo, ads, website design, or marketing materials, you’ll blend in to the noise.

Part of communicating your brand’s “why” is to define the personality of your brand through your logo and related visual expressions.

For an example: a logo is not just a logo. If you don’t have the file type SVG then you’re missing what your printer really needs to determine your proper colors, and they are making their best educated guess.

A PNG file has multiple colors, a JPG is rasterized (pixelated), and anything else is really not worth using. Therefore, collateral, or branded materials, will have mis-matching colors.

NerdBrand logo in orange and black
vector logo
NerdBrand Agency Louisville Logo
arrrgh! It’s a JPG, not Vector and BLURRY!

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We assembled our brand standards below to vividly illustrate how this is done. We hope it helps you see how and why consistent presentation is so important. All our standards we create include colors, fonts, logo use, and can scale. Thus we can revise to include image use, ads, emails, and other creative standards when marketing starts campaigns.

What should a brand guide include?
Brand Standards Guide for IQpack – Colors Selection