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Brand Guidelines

Level up your style guide to full brand wizardry!

Brand Guidelines
Brand Guidelines
Brand Guidelines

A brand guidelines is so much more than a style guide.

Keeping things simple but scaleable

Its purpose builds on that once you grow as a brand. It includes things such as photography style and the tone of your message.

It’s a document that will grow as your organization grows and your advertising sophistication expands. At a minimum, you should have your colors, fonts, copy tone, and all visuals defined in the guide.

Define your brand's values.

It helps your team externally

Additionally, you may have your brand promise or mission statement, brand values, brand attributes, and plenty more in a brand guide.

Your brand promise clearly states why your brand exists and why it’s important to customers. Most importantly, it communicates the intentions of your brand’s mission and purpose.

Brand Guidelines
Brand Guidelines
Brand Guidelines

Define your brand's attributes.

It helps your team internally

Your attributes are like your brand’s personality traits. These are used to facilitate workplace culture, talent attraction, and, most importantly, your brand message.

Inevitably, there will be times when your brand need to handle a PR crisis or respond to cultural events. Your values are a guide that help avoid misconceptions about your brand, draft responses, and maintain employee satisfaction.

Your brand voice pillars

Pillars are the foundation underpinning every piece of content.


Your brand personality

Does your brand talk like a mentor, an authority figure, or a friend at the bar? Your voice guide explains what personality type means to your content.

Your voice archetype

Who should writers hear in their head when they’re writing in your voice?

Your brand tone

Cheerful, sarcastic, inquisitive – this is the emotional tenor of your content.

Your brand vocabulary

Do you use $10 words or $2 words? Your voice guide gives writers specific reading-level guidelines to follow.

Your brand rhythm

Are you short and punchy like Nike? Long and rambling like Oatly? Or somewhere in between? We find your rhythm scientifically, with the magic of AI.

Competitor comparison

To show your voice in action, a piece of competitor copy is rewritten in your voice.

Changes by channel

Is your email voice more casual than your blog voice? Do you love emojis – but only on social? These guidelines help writers deliver copy appropriate to the channel.

Your style guide

This lists all the little nuances that make your copy sound like you. Words you use all the time, words you hate, even quirks in punctuation.
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