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Brand Style Guides

What are brand style guides?

A Brand style guide defines the acceptable uses of your logo, color palette, font choices, photography style, and tone of your message. But they do so much more.

By setting standards for the proper use of your logo and supporting graphics, your brand will stand out from those that are not as careful.

People see before they read, so make sure when they see you that you are recognizable!

What should be in your brand guide?

This is not a static document. It’s a document that will add pages as your organization grows in staff, revenue, and advertising channels. You should have your colors, fonts, copy tone, and all visuals defined in the guide.

Why create a brand promise?

It tells your customers a promise that you’ll always (fill in the blank). More importantly, it communicates the intentions of your brand’s mission and purpose.

Define your brand values.

There will be times when you need to handle a PR crisis or respond to something happening internally or externally because of the social culture or events. Your values guide avoiding misconceptions about your values, response, or internal strife.

How do you use brand attributes?

Your attributes are used in internal documents for developing a team. But more importantly, you’ll use them in your message.

Mitch Gregory
Mitch Gregory – NerdBrand’s Creative Director

We build a brand style guide for every customer.

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