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Don’t we all want to know, “How Much Does A Website Cost?” 

It’s what a lot of business owners have asked, and still ask. So, here’s my answer on how much a website costs.

What is one conversion, or sale, worth to you?

If a firm builds you a website and in 3 months you get 4 phone calls that lead to new business, then of that is the price. Regardless of the size of the site, it’s always, “depends”. You have to discuss it.

As long as we both understand you have long term goals of growth, not just placing a website online. As well as what happens after it launches. However, for us it’s not done at that point.

If you have a website built, and it’s constantly under revision, crashing, or worse not meeting expectations, then there are some things to consider.

  1. You got what you paid for. 
  2. You really did not plan your website’s content first.

It’s a project

Projects are not fast. If it’s fast, it’s cheap. 

People who understand that this is not a coding thing and that it’s a holistic approach are the best clients to work with. Also, they understand that their website is likely the second to last thing that people look at when looking up their brand.

Therefore, they really put full faith into the recommendations around project approach, architecture, technologies to use, etc.

If you see NerdBrand as a valuable partner, and an extension of your team, then we’ll get along great!

It always helps toward the success of a project and future goals.

Our role in your project

As a brand agency, it is substantially more effective when campaigns consistently align with the goals of the business. Do you want more customers? Sell more products? Great!

No? Ummmm… we may need to back up. 

Agencies are not help desks or task-based service providers. We’re brand specialists and marketers. We work on short-term and long-term goals for revenue. But not constantly updating popups, publishing social media posts, or minute tasks that are frankly taking away professional service providers from earning more sales for you.

We do not miss the forest for the trees.

Long-term goals dictate all the minute details. If a business doesn’t know where they want to be in one year, I can’t see this working for either of us well, especially when you get the monthly retainer invoices.

Websites can be built while the business runs and not affect operations. Deploying a new website means that all the pieces of the brand’s communications are in place. Thus, we prefer retainers. Websites are single transaction deals, no one can stay fed on those.

All companies have great products to market and sell to promote to their customers. However, it’s rarely true when you step away and take a look. Your approach to your project leads you to the value of your brand.

Also, be open to finding ways to modify the product for marketing from your price of it, to how it looks on the shelf or online.

How Much Does A Website Cost
Website Concept

Ongoing website services

Have you been told that you can do it yourself? What a lie this is. Marketing directors with one or two people on their team still outsource the help for managing the website. Sometimes things break or need to be changed, or perhaps there’s a landing page with a new or existing offer to create. 

It’s never done if you are actively doing marketing.

Search engine optimization needs content developed for your brand to be indexed and to be found when searched. SEO is not a website, it’s a channel. There is still the matter of proper mark up of a website and tools ready for search engines to identify it and index it.

But who are you talking to?

How can you develop content if you do not know who is reading? Are you making assumptions of what to do, or spend, for ads? If you are not aware of the type of people buying, then a new website won’t fix anything. 

How can we build a successful website, if we don’t know either? Brand consulting requires RESEARCH. Without this step, you’re aiming in the dark hoping you will hit something. 

Doing the same thing and still not getting results!

There are a lot of moving parts to online marketing. Building a website is only the first step in figuring out how to be successful.

If you would like more information, or discuss web strategy, we’re available for coffee anytime in the Louisville, KY area.

If you want to calculate the cost, check out our free website cost calculator below. It doesn’t require you to submit your information unless you want to start a project for a quote.

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