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Valentine’s Day may be over, but love is still in the air as we continue to celebrate the brands that have captured our hearts. In a recent episode of the NerdBrand podcast, eight brands were highlighted for their successful Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns. Here are some of the brands that stood out:

Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns:

  1. Hidden Valley: This famous ranch dressing brand launched a “Peace, Love, and Ranch” campaign, showcasing quirky and cute messages. This allows customers to put their names on the bottle.
  2. Pandora: The jewelry brand went for the heartstrings with its “Little Acts of Love” campaign. They feature real-life couples and friends who share their love stories.
  3. 1-800 Flowers: As expected, the flower delivery company dominated the brand search for Valentine’s Day. Providing customers with a wide range of options.
  4. Hallmark: This greeting card company took a unique spin by launching a “Tell Them They Matter This Valentine’s Day” campaign. Focusing on Galentine’s Day and celebrating the power of friendship.
  5. Target: The retailer featured various Valentine’s Day items on its Instagram page, including MeUndies underwear and heart-shaped waffles.
  6. OpenTable: The restaurant reservation platform targeted millennials, highlighting unique dining experiences for Valentine’s Day.

Marketing campaigns for Valentine’s Day can be a hit or miss. But these brands definitely scored big with their creative approaches, as the NerdBrand podcast hosts noted. Once you find a brand you love and resonate with, you’ll commit with loyalty and devotion. Just as you would a significant other or close friend.

Do you have a favorite brand that made your heart skip a beat this Valentine’s Day?

Target (Valentine’s Day Haul Instagram Post):

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