Brand Consulting

/ month

Brand Consulting helps define and sharpen your brand’s reputation and visual appearance over time.

  • Sales Process
  • Business Goals
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Creative Design
  • Website Performance
  • Search Engine Results Appearance
  • Printed Materials
  • Brand Awareness



Brand Consulting is like business consulting, except we don’t address one problem. We look at everything from your sales to digital presence.

We do this for up to 3 months to determine your brand’s message and position.

  • Is the product working well?
  • What are the concerns with your look?
  • What do people think of you when your name comes up?
  • What are the next steps?
Brand Consulting

How brand consulting works:

  1. Add the service to your list, then our brand managers will be in contact with you in 12-24 hours. Or keep shopping and adding more.
  2. We then interview all stakeholders in your organization to determine your brands existing position.
  3. Then develop a strategy to correct and properly define it for your customer for marketing campaigns.
  4. Then launch a plan for creating your new identity using the data gathered.
  5. It’s not a report, it’s a one-to-one monthly, and deliverables behind each executed move.

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