Brand Consulting

/ month

Brand Consulting helps define and sharpen your brand’s reputation and visual appearance over time.

  • Sales Process
  • Business Goals
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Creative Design
  • Website Performance
  • Search Engine Results Appearance
  • Printed Materials
  • Brand Awareness


Brand consulting is like business consulting. We’re not trying to address just one problem.

Instead, we look at the entire picture. How do all the pieces fit together? From your sales performance to your digital presence, and everything in-between.

If it has your name on it, it’s an ad.

In some cases, we consult and do discovery for up to three months. Then, we use that information to determine your brand’s message and positioning.

  • Are there defined budgets for branding and marketing?
  • Is the product working well?
  • Do your employees seem happy?
  • What are the concerns with your brand’s appearance?
  • What do people think of you when your brand name comes up?
  • What are the next steps to get from A to B?
Jason Davis, CEO of NerdBrand and branding consultant in Louisville, KY. Depicted is a professional headshot of Jason with the title of CEO and co-founder.

How Brand Consulting Works

  1. Add the service to your list, then keep shopping until you’re ready. Our brand managers will contact you within 12-24 hours to schedule a kickoff meeting.
  2. We conduct stakeholder interviews of board members, leadership, staff, customers, and strategic partners. This allows us to understand how your brand is currently perceived.
  3. Then, we develop a strategy to correct and properly define the brand for your customer, which is ultimately rolled out with marketing campaigns.
  4. Finally, we walk you through the construction or evolution of your brand’s identity using our gathered data.
  5. We don’t just throw a report at you and walk away. We have one-to-one monthly sessions and clear deliverables behind each move.

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