5 Brands the Nerds Love and Adore

5 Brands the Nerds Love and Adore

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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day (or Single’s Awareness Day depending on your outlook), we asked the NerdBrand team to share the brands and ad campaigns they’re most fond of.

From pizza and movies to chocolate and fashion, see what a few of the Nerds had to say about their favorite brands.

Jason Davis – Co-founder, CEO

The brand I love is Domino’s, especially for their mascot, the Noid. Mascots were big then, and even my father loved it. We connect on little but loved the Noid. So, if anything it was a great way to advertise to multiple generations.

Plus, it’s more than pizza. Domino’s has stood out to me as a brand that always evolves. Please don’t send me Domino’s Pizza coupons though. I can’t eat that anymore at 45.

Mitch Gregory – Co-founder, Chief Creative Officer

My favorite brand is Marvel. Whether it’s the decade-long renaissance they’ve achieved in film, or the launch of their streaming series via Netflix and Disney Plus, seeing their pantheon of incredible characters and stories unfold in these formats has been a dream come true.

Marvel superheros as a group in celebration of Marvel's birthday.

They’ve been able to maintain (and even grow) the mythos of these properties with hardcore fans but also ushered in a whole new generation of devotees who’ve likely never picked up a comic book.

And quality.

Though some properties stumbled in the early 2000s, what Marvel learned in their early endeavors, through the steady guidance of fellow nerd Kevin Feige, has helped them craft incredibly entertaining films and shows that continue to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as its fanbase.

What Marvel as a brand has achieved is nothing short of remarkable. It’s a testament to sticking to creative marketing “first principles” and taking the audience along for the ride.

Jonathan Payne – Co-founder, Director of Accounts

My favorite brand is Nike. I’m always impressed they’ve managed to reach this level of notoriety using the same brand identity for nearly 30 years. On top of that, Nike’s co-founder, Phil Knight, admitted he wasn’t a fan of the swoosh logo, but decided to stay with it.

(Trust your agency!)

Nike advertisement showing young girl playing tennis with text overlaid saying, it's only a crazy dream until you do it. Followed by the Nike logo and slogan Just Do It. Part of the Nike campaign with Serena Williams.

Nike is one of the few brands I can think of that so effectively marries their advertising campaigns with their brand identity.

“Just do it” isn’t only a statement toward their customers; it’s a statement directed internally and one that drives their culture to innovate from all angles: branding, product, and advertising.

Their athlete and celebrity partnerships, especially those partnerships that may be controversial, speak for themselves:

Nike doesn’t back down from the challenge, and neither should you.

This is the type of brand we all strive to create — one that empowers the customer and guides the company to operational prowess.

Lora Byrnside – Web Designer and Developer

My favorite brand is Hershey’s. The Christmastime Hershey’s kisses bell choir has become a staple of the season for me. Then, the Reese’s ‘Sorry not sorry’ campaign never fails to get a laugh from my son, followed by a hushed, “I love those commercials.”

The faux Cadbury Easter bunnies are always pretty creative, too. I love the light-hearted energy and ability to connect with their audience around a holiday or season.

Kamaria Campbell – Social Media Strategist

My favorite brand is Grass-Fields. The moment I discovered their clothes I wanted to burst into song and dance. They are fun and lively and, on top of that, have BEAUTIFUL clothing. Their social media presence is so exciting and really invites the viewer into their culture and makes me feel beautiful.

And the fact that it started as a small company ran by a family and grew is an even bigger gravitational pull to me because it feels more personal. I’d ball out all day on their website. Grass-Fields if you’re seeing this, hit me with the discount code!

Jonathan Payne is a branding and advertising specialist, leading as the CMO and Director of Accounts at NerdBrand. Jonathan brings to the table nearly a decade of advertising and marketing experience helping establish digital brands for small businesses and national brands including Old Forester, Early Times, KORBEL, and University of Louisville.