Top 14 SEO Podcasts For 2023

Top 14 SEO Podcasts For 2023

2023 Top SEO Podcast - Search Engine Journal
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The Nerds are at it again! We’re thrilled to share that the NerdBrand Podcast has been named one of 2023’s Top 14 SEO Podcasts by Search Engine Journal for two years in a row. 

Even though we talk about plenty more than just SEO on the podcast, we’re ecstatic to be recognized and to see hard work pay off.

We started the NerdBrand Podcast in early 2020, humbly recording with nothing more than an Anchor account and our phone microphones. A short while later, we began recording both audio and video through Zoom.

As Covid-19 allowed, we moved into a studio and began recording as a member of the Speakeasy Podcast Network.

In 2022, we transferred to The Root Co-working Space to continue in-house podcasting in their studio, The Nest. 

We’ve produced more than 160 episodes at the time of writing this.

Be on the lookout for the release of our 200th episode in 2024…

…And more spots on top lists!

Our Favorite SEO Podcast Highlights

SEO comes and goes as a topic on lots of our episodes. These are a few of our favorite episodes where we go in-depth, with one or two even going back to our Zoom days.

Ep. 53 – SEO Expectations and the Evolution of Social Media with Diana Richardson from Semrush

Diana wins the award for “most bubbly guest.” We’ve loved having her on the show multiple times. Not only does she bring the energy, but she also offers tons of SEO experts as a key team member at Semrush.

Ep. 60 – Branded Search Results with Jason “The Brand SERP Guy” Barnard

Jason Barnard, or The Brand SERP Guy, is a digital marketer specializing in Brand SERPs and knowledge panels.

Brand SERPs, short for brand search engine results pages, are the results shown when someone specifically Google your brand name or personal name. Branded search results differ from broader searches – consider the difference in results when searching Nike vs. tennis shoes.

Ep. 85 – Google Business Profiles and The Return of the Brand SERP Guy

Jason’s first episode was so great, we had to have him back again. This time around, we focused on Google Business Profiles, previously known as Google My Business.

Google Business Profiles are the information-rich knowledge panels appearing when you Google a local business category or brand. It’s where you control your business address, hours, phone number, reviews, and more within Google search results.

I'm the Co-founder and CEO at NerdBrand. I've spent over 12 years in digital advertising providing strategic direction for businesses to build better websites, brands, and messaging, with an eye for improving online presences and laying a foundation for future growth.

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