Our Projects

Our Projects

A Branding Agency builds your Brand Identity.

We do more than “tell your story.”

We sit with you to hear your passion, the “why” you do what you do. Then translate that to online copy for your website, and print. We don’t like brochure-ez content.

We believe if your real story is communicated. People will trust you, and become your best brand advocates.

Branding Agency Louisville, KY
curiosity-consulting website design on a laptop

Curiosity Consulting

Curiosity Consulting are consumer research professionals. With particular expertise in premium beverage alcohol. And recreational products. As well as the automotive industry.

Alti Real Estate

Greg Taylor distinguished himself as a leader in the Louisville and Southern Indiana. In the real estate market. Greg assists buyers looking for real estate for sale. As well as markets homes for sale.

Greg Taylor Brand Identity Package
Branding Agency Louisville, KY Chris Carey Logo

Chris Carey Builders

Mitch created this little gem for a high-end builder in Louisville. Does very traditional, yet upscale and sophisticated work. Focusing in the eastern part of Jefferson County, Prospect, and eastern Oldham County. ⁣⁣

Woodhaven Country Club

First of all Woodhaven Country Club is located in Louisville. Woodhaven has been family owned and operated for over 60 years. They pride themselves on being the friendliest country club in Louisville.

Woodhaven New Website
Branding Agency Louisville, KY 12 Points Webpage

12 Point Solutions

12 Points Solutions offers a broad range of customized services. All designed to find and fix the problems in your business chain. Even the smallest business relies on complex processes. As well as systems involving people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, energy and materials.

Red Hill Cutlery

Red Hill Cutlery is built on WordPress and WooCommerce. With Racliff Kentucky becoming the pocket knife capital of the world. This group of awesome nerds needed a website that outshined the rest. Even the knives they sell.

Red Hill Cutlery Website Laptop View

A  data-driven approach to your Branding.

We build brands thru research using data analytics, interviews, and online market research. This happens before you engage a marketing agency.

Then we create the specific collateral you’ll need to communicate and go to market. A brand guide that standardizes icons, fonts, colors, and your logo treatment. To all work best across all mediums.

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ADA Accessible Web Design
Web Design is important because when someone lands on your webpage, they either will stay, and possibly convert. Or perhaps they will leave and turn to your competitor.

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