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Useful Remote Work Apps During Covid-19

Covid-19 has created a lot of new social awareness about how we treat each other. Many businesses are facing failure or, at least, losing valuable opportunities because of the pandemic. In a modest effort to help, we at NerdBrand are sharing our list of favorite work apps that may help you improve team cooperation and … Continue reading “Useful Remote Work Apps During Covid-19”

Long Form Content – A Simple SEO Strategy

So how do you get Google to like your website content for a set of keywords? Well, one way that is just starting, and looking into Long Form Content. Get to writing Long Form Content! Start with the topic cluster approach. It’s the idea of creating content that points users toward a page that has more … Continue reading “Long Form Content – A Simple SEO Strategy”

SEO problems? Try this.

So you’ve got a WordPress website and now installed a SEO plugin. But that’s not the end of your SEO problems. You need to know that you’re focusing on the words that people actually search for.  If you’re optimizing for a term nobody uses, you can rank number one, but you still won’t have any … Continue reading “SEO problems? Try this.”