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Brand integrity is how consumers perceive your company, and it’s more important today than ever before. Do you happen to recall the infamous Soup Nazi from Seinfeld? He’s an immensely talented but surly chef, known throughout the city for his delicious soups, steely glare, and rigid rules of engagement. Should a patron fail to follow

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On this episode of the NerdBrand Podcast we’re talking about Branding Blunders, My new sound effects, and the state of Podcasting. The Blunders List Pepsi Branding Blunders – social awareness Do you remember Kendall Jenner making everything all right by handing a can of Pepsi to a riot cop? Pepsi does not want you to

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On this episode of the NerdBrand Podcast we’re talking about Brand Expansion, Social Signals, and the Zach Snyder Justice League cut! NerdTalk What is Brand Expansion? hint: I kinda made it up. But, essentially, pushing your brand into new realms. Tips to do that: Take a look at where you are. Do you really know

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If you’re not making creative content for your brand, then you’re already behind. Content publication rates on channels like brand websites, YouTube, Facebook and others are huge. This means people see new and fresh things every minute, or in some cases, every second. Unfortunately, you can’t keep recycling previously published content to keep up. Additionally,

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Advertising is a key to solid brand building. When you think of advertising, what comes to mind? For most people it’s usually television or print ads. For others, it may be web banner ads and pre-roll video ads they see on YouTube. But philosophically, advertising goes much deeper than that. “Advertising” means so much more

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Employer Branding is something that we believe will become highlighted among brands in 2020. Without putting investment into your company’s perception to potential employees, it’ll make the hiring process tougher, and expensive. Employer brand describes an employer’s reputation as a place to work. This is not a new concept, but awareness of employer branding among

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Sending Your Resume

In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to send transfers using the web browser service of WeTransfer.

The free service allows you to send up to 2GB in file size total.

We’ve made a nifty little graphic with instructions on how to send your file transfer on the web browser.