LensFactory – DTC Branding and Marketing

LensFactory – DTC Branding and Marketing

DTC Branding for Sales and revenue growth.

Direct to Consumer (DTC) Marketing

For the last 6 months NerdBrand has been working in DTC Branding and Marketing for LensFactory. Increasing their sales, and revenue.

Direct to Consumer is at enormous growth since Covid-19 happened in 2020. Many brands online failed to adapt, and therefore, did not see stability in revenue.

What we did:

Paid Search Campaigns, Brand Strategy, Identity, Copywriting, and Social Media Support and Ads.

Ads pleasing to Google, and that work

It’s not as simple as open Canva, make some ads, cash the checks. There’s a lot of pouring over data (and historical sales), to determine what ads convert, and where to place them.

Paid Search is a highly sought after and desired service.

But have you really thought about that average ad spends monthly are up to $10,000 not $300?

DTC Ecommerce Revenue Growth

LensFactory had a simple goal, “solve wasted paid media spend!”

Monthly actions need to yield results. Once we engaged LensFactory we audited the Google ads account and addressed immediately under-performing campaigns.

We found that we could increase LensFactory’s ROAS by about $1.34 per each click.

DTC Branding ad
DTC Branding

Email Marketing for DTC

Not as easy as opening a Mailchimp account, picking a template, and sending. Your audience opens what they recognize now in the world of increased spam, security risks, and iOS updates that simple hate marketing.

So how do you get around that?

Well, ask us nerds, and you’ll realize it’s really intense, hard work helping people make money today.

But you’ll also see that email marketing still makes up over 60% of online digital marketing responses.

Things you should consider before doing this:

  • Use a branded email address
  • Review, and clean your list
  • Check your send score monthly
  • Make sure your provider isn’t blacklisted