DTC E-commerce Marketing for LensFactory

DTC E-commerce Marketing for LensFactory

DTC E-commerce Marketing for Shopify Brand

Since early 2022, we’ve provided DTC marketing and branding services to LensFactory. LensFactory is a Shopify e-commerce shop that offers prescription lens replacements for glasses.

What we do:

Google search and display ad campaigns, Google shopping campaigns, email marketing, graphic design, promotions strategy, copywriting, and social media marketing.

The results were a 150% increase in online sales.

Example of a LensFactory display ad. Text reads 20% off Transitions Xtractive Polarized Lenses. Depicts a smiling African American man wearing tinted glasses.

Ads that please Google AND customers.

Advertising well isn’t as simple as opening Canva, popping out a few templated designs, and cashing checks. As you improve your e-commerce marketing, much data is pouring in about customers’ shopping behavior, marketing performance metrics, and website optimizations.

When that starts to happen, what do most do? They run out to get a pretty new website, email designs, social media posts…

Pretty is easy; smart is hard.

“Anyone” can make attractive designs. It’s a defined brand strategy and intelligent, mindful execution of the tactics that make advertising work.

That’s especially true when your customers often only interact with your brand digitally.

We love getting into the weeds of e-commerce analytics and marketing tactics. Our job is to find the best advertising mix (we also make sure it looks great too).

While we’re busy doing that, you’ll be freed up to focus on business strategy, product development, networking, fulfillment, and operations.

DTC e-commerce marketing with a few simple rules.

  • Reduce wasted marketing spend.
    • Marketing waste comes in lots of shapes and sizes. Whether in Google Ads, unnecessary Shopify apps, ineffective marketing efforts, or otherwise, the waste is detrimental to your growth.
    • We come in with fresh eyes and the skills to cut marketing costs without lowering revenue (that’s lots of fancy words to explain the concept of increasing profit).
  • Be consistent.
    • We work side-by-side to plan annual promotions, ad campaigns, blog calendars, and social media calendars.
    • So, we always know what’s coming next and stay consistent.
  • Think outside the box.
    • There’s some truth to the saying, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” But you can always spin the old stuff in a new or a better way.
    • When you work with us, you have access to our full team for routine brainstorming and problem-solving sessions. We’re here to grow ideas.

Monthly actions need to yield results. Once we engaged LensFactory, we audited the Google ads account and immediately addressed under-performing campaigns.

A sample email design for LensFactory. The email highlights a buy one, get one free sale on plastic lens replacement.

Email Design and Management for E-commerce Marketing

In the world of increased spam, security risks, and iOS updates that hate marketing, people today are much pickier about what emails they trust, open, click, and drop in their credit card info.

So, how can you adjust?

Well, ask us nerds, and you’ll realize it’s intense, hard work helping clients make money today. But you’ll also see that email marketing makes up a significant chunk of any successful e-commerce store’s revenue.

Email marketing services include:

  • Email automation set up for welcome sequences, abandoned cart emails, post-purchase emails to new vs. return customers, and product-specific promotions
  • Customer segmenting
  • Mobile responsive email designs
  • A/B testing subject lines and creative
  • Analytics & reporting

The Nerds’ favorite email marketing platforms*

  • Klaviyo
  • HubSpot

*But we can work with most platforms, given a little time to train.