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How Does Your Brand Smell? – Exploring Scent Branding

In the latest episode of the NerdBrand podcast, we dive into scent branding and how it plays an essential role in creating a lasting impression on consumers.

We discuss the effects of smell on the consumer decision-making process, the connection between aroma and taste, and some notable examples of successful scent branding.

The Impact of Smell on the Decision-Making Process

The impact smell has on a decision-making process is a fascinating subject. Before a transaction occurs, consumers often weigh the pros and cons of different scents. A smell can awaken past encounters.

For instance, you could be walking into a bakery with loads of baked goods; but in your mind, it’s like you have taken a trip to grandma’s house. This sense can trigger nostalgia and memories, leading to two things:

  1. A purchase that shows commitment to a brand and
  2. An incredible brand experience.

From here, brand loyalty skyrockets and attracts a swarm of intrigued consumers.

The Connection Between Aroma & Taste

This connection can be traced back to human physiology, as both aroma and taste are intertwined senses. Ironically, losing one’s sense of smell can also affect taste perception.

As a group that has endured COVID-19, we attest to our senses of smell and taste maintaining unity and how it can ultimately affect what we eat or sniff. If we had a dollar for every time we heard someone say they can’t taste their meal because their sniffer was out of order, we’d be rich!

Examples of Scent Branding

Scent branding is a powerful tool for developing a bond with consumers. Several examples of businesses employing this technique. Including Burger King on army bases or the distinct aromas that welcome you when you walk into a Costco or Walmart.

Real estate agents use the warm scent of cookies during open houses to create a more inviting atmosphere.

The nostalgic smell of an old comic book also serves as an example of scent branding in action, creating a memorable sensory experience for enthusiasts. Although not every brand might have an organically attached scent, companies can still work to create a signature aroma that consumers associate with their brand.

The NerdBrand podcast explores the significant impact of scent branding on consumer decision-making and its lasting influence on the overall brand experience.

Whether you own a business or are just interested in the science behind scents, this podcast episode is a must-listen. Stay tuned for the next episode, which will focus on how your brand looks and continue to keep your NerdBrand strong!

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