Dave & Buster’s Louisville, KY

Dave & Buster’s Louisville, KY

Growing Dave & Buster’s brand awareness in the Louisville community.

It’s not just about pretty art and graphics. It’s about coming up with the right offers and persuasive messages to help Dave & Buster’s win.

Especially when they’re in the busy season.

Digital Ads, TV Graphics, and In-store Marketing

For Dave & Buster’s, our job was to raise awareness about the store, attract foot traffic, and find new bookings for their event space. We launched a number of ongoing in-store promotions, then supported those with digital ads, in-store signage, and in-store TV screens.

Branding is the mechanism that builds trust as a new player in the market. Having a defined strategy and consistent, long-term presence gives rise to a brand.

Social Media Awareness

Social media is one of the first places people go to to check to see what is happening in their area. So, we launched brand new social channels for D&B.

We created social media content to promote limited time offers and ongoing promotions. These attracted foot traffic and raised store awareness throughout Louisville. The consistency and professional design allowed Dave & Buster’s to stand out in a very competitive industry.

In just a couple of months, we grew the Louisville store from zero social presence to an audience of 500 social followers and 5,000 impressions, with no paid ads support.

We help you stay on brand.

With corporate brands, you can’t entirely re-imagine creative like art, imagery, and video. There is a strict guide to follow. All of Dave & Buster’s stores follow a brand guide that gives marketing and creative departments clear direction on ads, signage, social media, and all other tactics.

Visit Dave & Buster’s Louisville and check in!