Avanti Skin Center of Louisville

Avanti Skin Center of Louisville

Medical Spa Marketing

What we did:

Google Search Campaigns, Google Display Ads, Brand Strategy, Identity, Copywriting, and Social Media Support.

Google Search Ads Management

The pay-per-click (PPC) advertising landscape is increasingly competitive.

We identified that national chains were joining Avanti’s typical competitor list, causing declines in ad positions. With adjustments to the budget and a good selection of key terms, we carved Avanti a sweet spot in Google search results.

Display Advertising

Increased competition is pinching display ad inventory in the market. Average CPC in the market tripled over the past year. That said, our clickthrough rates and conversion rates from display advertising remain excellent.

This indicates display ads are still a great brand awareness and supplementary advertising tactic.

Results of our work and an ever-changing market.

Overall, CTR improved to 1.04%, with increases in impression and click volume. Conversion volume also increased.

Paid search CTR was stable at 5.70%. CVR improved to 7.97%, thanks to new search landing pages.

Branded search campaigns exceeded CTR and CVR targets. CPC is nearly identical at $1.32, allowing us to dedicate more budget to general paid search.

A conquesting campaign was set up to combat competitors. We succeeded in pulling 149 clicks from competitors in a single month.

Avanti Brand Guide

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