Avanti Skin Center of Louisville

Avanti Skin Center of Louisville

Medical Spa Marketing

What we did:

Paid Search Campaigns, Brand Strategy, Identity, Copywriting, and Social Media Support and Ads.

Paid Search Campaigns

The paid search landscape is increasingly competitive.

Avanti informed us that national chains are joining their perennial competitors, causing declines in ad position. Therefore the much-vaunted #1 ad position has declined to #4 or #5 in some ad groups. 

  • Ideal Image – idealimage.com 
  • Reve – revebodysculpting.com
  • Rejuvenation Healthcare – rhmedicalaesthetics.com
  • Milan Laser – milanlaserlouisville.com

Display ads

Increased competition has decreased display ad inventory, which increases ad costs. Average CPC in their market tripled over the past year. CTR and CVR remain excellent (CVR is now 1.11%, up from 0.14% last year), though.

This indicates display ads are still a great brand awareness and supplementary advertising tactic.

Goals we made, things we did in detail.

Increase monthly paid search budget by 20%. Coupled with the redesigned website and additional content development, this should mitigate the increased competition.

Review options for video production to support YouTube and Facebook advertising. Facebook remains our strongest source of referral traffic and YouTube ads are an exceptional brand awareness tool.

Develop landing pages for specific services optimized for conversion. Lip enhancement, spider vein removal, chemical peels, and general medical spa suite of services were top conversion generators and represent our best chance of attracting new business.

Discuss TikTok ad platform. Female users 30+ constitute about 25% of the user base, which is size-able (about 100M US users monthly), and ad costs have decreased dramatically.

Discuss online appointment setting with client. Various systems can be integrated to accomplish this – meevo.com, mindbodyonline.com, Calendly.com and others. (Holdover from last year; recommended to revisit with website relaunch)

Results of our work, and a ever changing market.

Overall CTR improved to 1.04%, with an increase in impression and click volume. Conversion volume also increased.

Paid search CTR was stable at 5.70%. CVR improved to 7.97%, thanks to new search landing pages.

The new Branded search campaign exceeded CTR and CVR targets, with nearly 21% and 47% respectively. CPC is nearly identical at $1.32, allowing us to dedicate more budget to general paid search.

The new Competitors search succeeded in pulling 149 clicks from competitors.

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