Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media has forever changed how your business communicates with customers!

What is Social Media Marketing?

From Facebook Live to Snapchat to Instagram Stories, it seems every single day some new social network or feature pops up. We know that can be overwhelming at times.

That’s why we’re focused on delivering pragmatic social media advice, not lofty promises that social media is a silver bullet and will “save your business.”

The truth is that social media isn’t always a direct sales tool and it’s often not the final touchpoint in a sale.

At NerdBrand, we’ve developed a framework that ensures you won’t feel overwhelmed by social media, that you’ll understand the value and ROI, and that you’ll feel comfortable and confident knowing your social media presence is cutting-edge!

Strategy Development


Content Development

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But with more than 1 billion people using social media every day, along with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn offering sophisticated digital advertising platforms, a strategic social media presence can be a significant contributor to brand awareness, reputation management, and, in a roundabout way, your bottom line!

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