Importance of Branding

Importance of Branding

Importance of Branding
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To determine the Importance of Branding, Think of an open-ended question like, “When you think of online streaming video services, what brands come to mind?”

You probably think of Netflix or Youtube. Net-and-chill is not Youtube-and-chill.

Branding is what your customers associate with you and your product. Making the importance of Branding top of mind.

First, do you have a brand system?

I know that’s a new one, but stay with me. How many resources are you devoting internally to your brands identity? Is it ten hours a week? Or month?

If your marketing is non-existent of your companies services or product, then you have a problem. This takes a lot of time and skill, and might be worth hiring our nerds to help.

Have you thought about your perspective?

After years of doing what you love, it can create a false view of your brands performance or how aware others actually are of it.

You have to start thinking like a customer. Are you filling your brochures, website, and other collateral with words that are industry specific or speaking plainly?

It could mean the difference between winning that new contract vs spending hours educating customers instead of them just buying.

Is your branding consistent?

Take all your collateral, and lay it out on your conference table. Every brochure, business card, setup your popup banners, and print out some website pages.

We think you’ll be surprised at how over time, things are not in sync.

Greg Taylor Brand Identity Package
Greg Taylor Brand Identity Package

Fixing your brand is tempting to make it a DIY project. But remember your perceptions of your brand are going to be bias. Hiring out the help to create a brand identity is best.

Start with a simple survey of those that are not your friends and co-workers. Ask at a networking event what someones opinion is of your brands category. That is the market you are in. If you sell bottled water, for example, then what do they think of when it comes that market?

If there are ugly traits revealed in that survey, then you have an opportunity to change perception for not just your brand, but an entire market.

We would love to help, if you want to explore your brands health, contact us.

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