Podcast Ep.15 – BatFleck Returns! and more on Google Core Web Vitals

Podcast Ep.15 – BatFleck Returns! and more on Google Core Web Vitals

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This episode we’re talking about Google Core Web Vitals with our Developer Lora Byrnside. Also more Batman news!

Some of the things we’ll share is how it’s going to increase costs, time, for a quality site that meets Google standards. Plus, how will the WordPress community of theme and plugin developers handle it.

Rumor: Ben Affleck’s Return to Batman is Imminent with Contract in Hand

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BatFleck Returns! Yes, apparently he is inking a deal with WB and will return as the Batman we knew in Zack Snyders universe. 

You can read more here: https://boundingintocomics.com/2020/07/03/rumor-ben-afflecks-return-to-batman-is-imminent-with-contract-in-hand/

Now on to Google Core Web Vitals

The amount of time to get Web Vitals corrected is how much you spend to pay a dev vs SEO benefits. If you want read an easy to read breakdown of these, read the article Lora wrote on it here at the link.

Google Core Web Vitals Metrics

Could strongly indicate, no more cheap Wix sites, or others that are not compliant with expectations if you want to “rank” for your key terms or be indexed at all.

This is not to go into effect until 2021, but likely by May 2021 it will be 100% in effect for all websites. The Google Console already includes Core Web Vitals next to Mobile Readiness, and other important ranking signals.

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If you are looking for help with SEO and getting prepared for the Google changes, let us know or read our services on Search Engine optimization we offer.

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