Branding Agency Services

Branding Agency Services

Manage your brand's presence from top to bottom with NerdBrand's holistic approach to marketing and advertising.

Our branding agency services offer a holistic experience, because regardless of the channel, how consistently and prominently your brand presents itself is critical. Our team will guide you through expertly navigating every communication channel.

Whether it’s your overall brand identity, a refreshed website, business cards and sales materials, or a wide-scale advertising campaign, we’ve got you covered.

“Everything is an ad.”

Mitch’s Axiom #125

“NerdBrand has helped us greatly in launching and growing our social presence. I highly recommend them.”

– Chris Rakaskas, VP Strategic Partnerships at JetRight

Branding Services

Brand Identity

Brand Naming.
Logo Design.
Packaging Design.
Brand Style Guide.

Brand Strategy

Brand Discovery.
Competitor Analysis.
Target Audience and Market Research.
Brand Voice.
Brand Tone.

Copy and Design

Graphic Design.
Advertising Copy.
Direct Response Strategy.

Website Services

Design and Development

Web Design.
WordPress CMS.
Landing Pages.

Content Development

Case Studies.
Blog Content.
Website Art.
Banner Ads.
Website Page Copy.


On-Page Optimization.
Off-Page Optimization.
Link building.
Technical SEO.
Website Audits.
Content Marketing.

Account Management

Strategic Planning

Brand Positioning.
Organizational Goal Setting.
KPI Identification.
Market Opportunities.
Target Market Defining.
Marketing Budget Management.

Reporting and Analytics

Engagement Metrics.
Conversion Metrics.
Business Impact Metrics.
Cross-channel Analytics.
Multi-path Analytics.
Google Analytics Set Up.
Google Tag Manager Set Up.

Marketing Evaluations

Return On Investment.
Customer Response.
Marketing Reach Expansion.
Competitor Reactions.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

Search Engine Marketing

Google Ads.
Bing Ads.
Amazon Ads.
Custom Strategy.
Dedicated Account Manager.
Regular Reporting.
Regular Collaborative Strategic Sessions.
Transparent Pricing.

Video Marketing

Testimonial Videos.
Interview Videos.
Corporate Videos.
Product Videos.
Commercial Videos.
Social Media Videos.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy.
Content Creation.
Content Optimization.
Content Promotion.
Content Maintenance.
Content Analytics Reporting.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook Advertising.
LinkedIn Advertising.
Social Media Strategy.
Social Media Management.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategy.
Email Marketing Automation.
eCommerce Email Automations.
eCommerce Email Marketing Campaigns.
Email Designs.
Responsive Emails.
Video Email.
List Cleaning and Management.
Reporting and Analytics.

Digital Advertising

Create a list of existing contacts.
Add retargeting pixels on your website.
Audience Management.
Segment your Ads for specific audiences.
Budget Creations and Analysis.
Campaign Tracking.
Geofencing and Geotargeting Ads.
Display and Retargeting Ads.

“NerdBrand Agency is professional, efficient, ethical and simply phenomenal! They’ve done an excellent job updating the Prospect Area Chamber of Commerce website and making it more user friendly both for our members and staff. Thank you!!”

– Kathy Thomas Jacobs, Executive Director, Prospect Area Chamber of Commerce

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