Branding Agency Services

Branding Agency Services

How NerdBrand Does Branding.

Once we help you put into words “why” you love to do what you do, we then begin to help shape online and in written word, the how you do it and what it is that makes you unique.

We brainstorm and develop a message that resonates with your customers and prospects.

Web Design

We believe that your website is your first, most valuable expression of your brand, and should serve to inform every other expression of your brand. We design websites that enhance your brand and it’s message.


Video communicates quickly and effectively your message. Whether it’s TV, OTT, CTV, Digital Ads, Social Media, or your website, your video can reach anyone anywhere in a mobile-first world.

Style Guides

NerdBrand can develop a style guide for your brand to implement as a standard for anyone doing creative work to follow. This is how your brand is presented from a graphic and language perspective.

Creative Copy

The words on your website or brochure all must sound the same. Over time deviations in brand tone can happen. NerdBrand will step in, proofread or create new copy that makes you sound like you, and relatable.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the most overlooked discipline in the creative design market. Creative designs attract that coveted click, or foot traffic. Thus design solves problems, and connects with customers.

Logo Design

Your logo is not just colors or your brand voice. It’s what contributes to the perception of who you are. Its value is worth more than what it is printed on, it’s central to your brand identity.

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