Website Management and Support

Website Management and Support

This is a managed website consulting-based service.

This is not a task-based help desk service. It’s a managed WordPress hosting and consulting-based service.

Our maintenance keeps your website functional in its critical role of attracting and retaining customers.

All plans start at $1500 per month. Managing a website is no different than managing your marketing.

Features for website maintenance services

You can’t make content updates or changes or have the time to do so if you are working on the business.

  • Managed WordPress hosting included.
  • Staging environment included.
  • Daily security scans and backups.
  • Monthly security and performance checks.
  • Core CMS, theme, and plugin updates.
  • This is for one website only.
  • Lengthy requests may require an SOW.
  • Urgent CMS support/restore.
  • Content management and update help.
  • Some UX/UI improvements for campaigns.
  • This is not a re-design service or a new website.

This is not “simply” hosting.

We’d love to discuss that with you if you’re interested in a more holistic approach. We offer monthly retainers covering more than website updates and content changes. You can check out how retainers work by reading our article here.

Or, if you like, contact us directly about your need.

Some of our website management customers.

Website maintenance and website management carry different meanings for us. As the name implies, maintenance maintains the site as-is — quick changes and ensures stability/uptime.

Management is supporting the expansion and optimization of the site through broader design/UX improvements. Maintaining hosting and website maintenance is not something we prefer to do outside our server environment.

Website Management for retail sites
Website Management for higher ed
Website Management for non-profits