Podcast Production

Podcast Production

Podcasting that focuses on your Brand.

Why podcast production?

Much like traditional radio, advertising on our podcast extends your brand’s awareness. Listeners actively engage with the podcast when your ad airs. It naturally resonates with them and encourages them to take action on your offer! You are giving a voice to your business.


54% of podcast listeners have said they are more likely to consider the brands they hear advertised on podcasts.

$1.4 Billion

That’s the amount of podcast advertising revenue generated in 2021.

Podcasting is mobile audio. 

It’s your brand’s voice and tone on anyone’s device.

Therefore, we incorporate podcasting as a high point in your marketing, messaging, and content mix. It’s not a singular item in your strategy.

Episode Graphics Package Support

$250 per month per show. 

This includes social media art for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Podcast Add-ons

Website feed integration 

$250 1x fee 

Embed podcast episodes on your website.

podcast website

Podcast website and analytics

$550 1x / $50 month 

Single page website for podcasts 

(includes subscription form and hosting) 



Per month, per show.

Our transcriptions happen automatically but still require a person to correct anything odd not actually said.

Podcast Host Imagery.

Remember, we’re a Brand agency.  

Branded photography is key in helping your show succeed. You can use it on the show art, episode art, and social media to promote your show. 

At some point, with all the capabilities at the tips of your fingers, just ask us about rolling your podcast into a brand agency retainer.

Jason Davis Host of the NerdBrand Podcast