Jason Davis

Jason Davis


My journey as an entrepreneur.

I didn’t see myself as an entrepreneur. I saw myself as a guy that did not have a job that needed to make money to survive.

In 2008, the economy collapsed due to a housing crisis in banking. So, I sat on my couch after being laid off from a job where I was dedicated for 14 years as a mechanical drafter and designer.

Left thinking, “Well, what now?”

I had a mortgage, two vehicles, and credit card debt. I’d never been out of work. I’ve been gainfully employed since I was 19 years old. But, at age 32, I was on my keister.

The next ten years.

In 2009, Capstone Creations launched. I started working as an entrepreneur and web developer for the next six years.

I witnessed lesson after lesson in corporate about “branding” done wrong. Marketing gimmicks and SEO hacks-galore were used to create an attractive company culture – but, still, people disliked them. 

That’s not the way branding works in developing culture. A manufactured culture doesn’t work. It only amplifies the problems you have.

Without a vision, the people perish.

Starting a business is the execution of a vision.

Mine was and continues to be helping businesses execute their vision in ways people can understand.

It’s really connecting employees with their employers and customers. These focal points I wanted to help businesses with.

I believe branding accomplishes this, and it pays off if you play the long game. You save thousands of hours and dollars when you get the “why” correct.

My “Why.”

I love clearly defining brand identities for businesses.

It boosts their confidence and optimism about their business’s future, allowing them to focus on what they need to do to attract more customers.

The NerdBrand Podcast started in 2016. We use it to help our customers and supporters better understand us and what we do.