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Molecule WordPress Theme

Our Custom WordPress web design services uses the Molecule theme by NerdBrand since 2014. It’s based on Automattic’s base theme using built-in WordPress features. This approach cuts down development costs and increases your bottom line for other things, such as design and marketing.

NerdBrand will put the Molecule theme to work for your unique website design needs. The Molecule theme uses a fluid grid layout. Keeping it as a “mobile-first” strategy allows it to apply impeccable polish to every detail.

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WordPress Websites using Molecule WordPress Theme by NerdBrand

Over 88 websites utilize the Molecule WordPress theme designed across multiple business industries.

What types of websites are using the Molecule WordPress theme?

  • Online Shopping (DTC)
  • Promotional Businesses
  • Transport Logistics
  • Logistics Analytics
  • Consulting Services
  • Industrial Sector
  • Higher Ed
  • Personal Brands
  • Events and Memberships

Features packed into the Molecule Theme.

Twentysixteen, created by Automattic, is a WordPress default theme. It also is a part of Molecule’s base code. Thus this maintains Molecule’s code in step with Automattic’s.

We like to keep things simple; it makes life easier.

Custom WordPress Theme Molecule

Sell products online by installing WooCommerce.

woocommerce logo Custom WordPress

Some WordPress websites are now online using Molecule.

In the day of online shopping, you need a tool that does more than sell. The Molecule custom-made WordPress theme doesn’t use anything fancy. Therefore our WordPress theme is compatible with almost any plugin in the repository. In other words, it will reduce the likelihood that things will break.

Vital Motion Group Fitness
L Ballard and Company website on a laptop screen
L Ballard and Company PSC
Dana Herra Communications
CRM Boutique artwork sample
CRM Boutique

WordPress Web Design vs. WordPress Development

To sum up, one is coding; the other is “design.” We like to un-confused people here at NerdBrand. There is a lot of jargon out there. Therefore making it almost impossible to understand WordPress web design is.

If you’d like to discuss the difference between WordPress development and design, contact us. We are happy to chat for free for a one-hour consultation.