WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design

With 35% of sites using WordPress, it’s hard to not consider it to power your site. However, careful consideration to your theme and choice of plugins needs to be thought through.

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Custom WordPress web design can be more user centric. A clearly crafted website design communicates the value of your brand online. Think of it as your biggest ad. That alone makes it one of your most important investments.

So a website becomes more than just a one time project. It’s an ongoing investment in building a relationship with your customers. A well crafted website is the best way to demonstrate the value of your service or product.

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To date there are over 75 websites (that we know of) online using our Molecule WordPress theme. Most of these were designed by NerdBrand. Or they were created in collaboration with other designers and web professionals. From graphic designers and ad agencies, to nerds and freelancers, we love seeing this theme put to work.

Since 2016 Molecule has been used in many websites and continues to be downloaded and activated today.

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