WordPress Cleanup & Rebuild Services

WordPress Cleanup & Rebuild Services

Why is WordPress cleanup services a thing?

WordPress is a great way to power your website for content management. NerdBrand provides WordPress cleanup & rebuild services for the following reasons.

Over the years, many people started building WordPress themes and selling them on the open market. Outside of WordPress’s review teams, and community.

These themes are built strictly as a templates sold to the masses on the premise that they are reliable and work because they look attractive. But 99% of the time, a customers content is nothing like the “demo”, thus leaving the customers who purchased the theme unaware or just settling for “well at least I have a website now.”

When they start to use it for marketing all the things that are outdated create problems, and the template strategy falls apart as you attempt customizing it. Custom is not a template.

It’s a hard lesson some learn too late, others find the nerds at NerdBrand.

Mirazon Landing Page - WordPress Cleanup & Rebuild
WordPress Marketing Landing Page

WordPress is software.

You cannot acquire a website today and forget about taking care of it. Simply Google yourself. The search engine is reading your websites content and copy and that’s where the majority of the results pages information comes from.

WordPress Agency Louisville, KY

Let’s fix your theme, then your content, because often the two are related.

What we typically have to fix

  • Slow website performance for your users. Hint: Stop going to your website and visit on a new machine.
  • Clean up plugins not used and update current ones.
  • Optimize the content (Images and Videos)
  • Organize content management on the WordPress administration panel with custom post types.

WordPress Websites we’ve fixed.

Molecule WordPress Theme

NerdBrand’s Jason Davis created the Molecule theme not as a commercial theme for selling to the masses. It was created by a developer for other qualified developers building a website for customers. Customers are busy running their business, not picking plugins, testing new features, or coding anything.

They can easily use Molecule with Gutenberg or a page builder to manage the content.

Cedar Lake - WordPress Cleanup & Rebuild

Cedar Lake

We migrated Cedar Lake to the Molecule theme. Transferred existing content. Cleaned up images and optimized them for page load.

Comfy Cow - WordPress Cleanup & Rebuild

The Comfy Cow

Migrated to the Molecule theme. Transferred existing content. Cleaned up images and optimized them for page load.

If you need WordPress cleanup & rebuild …

Contact the nerds at NerdBrand and avoid wasted paid ad money or lost organic traffic.