Do you have a broken WordPress website?

Do you have a broken WordPress website?

Why are WordPress cleanup services a thing?

WordPress is the premier platform to power your website’s content management. NerdBrand provides WordPress cleanup and rebuild services for the following reasons.

Years ago, people started selling them on the open market — outside of WordPress’s review teams and community. You’ll often hear us refer to these as commercial themes.

Commercial themes are designed as templates and are built to be sold to the masses on the basis of appearance, rather than the stability and scalability of the theme.

99% of the time, your content isn’t going to match the “flashy demo” that these themes present. So, you’re left cobbling together plugins and bad code to get the look and function you prefer.

Subsequently, when you start to use the site for marketing, the template strategy falls apart. The site won’t bend to support your advertising needs. Or it’s unstable for users, so it’s not a reliable marketing channel.

Unless you’re careful, you’ll end up with a mess of a website — slow loading, plugin errors, theme conflicts, or worse. And your time goes down the drain as you try to DIY it.

The Comfy Cow 2023
The Comfy Cow 2023 ?

Which is probably what brought you here. This goes without saying, but building on a template is not custom. That’s a hard lesson some learn too late. Others, like yourself, find the nerds here at NerdBrand.

WordPress is software.

You cannot acquire a website today and forget about taking care of it. Simply Google your brand’s name. The search engine is reading your website’s content, and that’s where the majority of the search results page comes from.

WordPress Agency Louisville, KY

We’ll fix your WordPress theme, then your content. Because the two are related.

hint: Then we’ll do “SEO”

WordPress problems we’re often asked to fix.

  • Migrating websites away from low-performing shared hosting providers and on to a managed WordPress host.
  • Improving slow website performance for your users, and search engines.
  • Cleaning up plugins that are unused and updating current plugins.
  • Optimizing the content for web performance, including images and videos.
  • Organize content in the WordPress administration panel for better management.

A few WordPress websites we’ve fixed.

Molecule WordPress Theme

NerdBrand’s very own CEO, Jason Davis, is a seasoned WordPress developer and created a theme called Molecule. It’s not a commercial theme as described above. It was created by a developer for other qualified developers who are building custom websites.

We know you’re busy running your business. You don’t have time to do web design, vet and set up plugins, test new features, or code anything.

With Nerdbrand’s custom approach, we’ll set up Molecule to work with Gutenberg or a page builder, which will make managing your content a breeze and your site a powerful marketing tool.

We migrated Cedar Lake to the Molecule theme. Transferred existing content. Cleaned up images and optimized them for page load.

Contact the nerds if you need WordPress cleanup and rebuild.