What’s Your Brand’s Message? – Podcast Ep. 40

What’s Your Brand’s Message? – Podcast Ep. 40

We are diving into brand message more. What is it? What is the passion behind your brand and why these are important in your business strategy.

Skip ahead on Youtube by chapter below:

  • 00:00​ – Intro
  • 02:13​ – Mitch’s Tidbit
  • 07:30​ – Why does your brand exist?
  • 09:30​ – What is a brand message?
  • 13:00​ – Jon’s eh? – Email marketing and e-commerce
  • 19:00​ – How to make the most of your brand message (main topic)

What is a brand message?

When you hear the phrase “brand message”, what do you think of? In our world, this is the strategic communication of your company and the consistent expression of your company’s value.

Brand message has big implications for the perceived personality of your business, the culture, product development, copy on your marketing materials (website, brochures, emails, social media, etc), and you as an individual owner/executive.

So, if you are selling, making, doing x, y, z, then what do you want customers to hear from your brand besides a trite “want to buy some hot dogs?”

An effective brand message conveys your brand’s purpose in the context of how you deliver value to your customers.

Avoid the inauthentic positioning and sales pitch; a brand message should highlight your original purpose for starting your business. It should be in the language your preferred customers understand without having to listen to long conversations and review case studies.

Email marketing isn’t shiny, but it works.

Text messaging and TikTok are the new shiny objects for marketing.

But the value of an email contact rose from $16 in 2019 to $33 in 2020.

Stop sleeping on email – it undeniably works. Even more so if you’re running an e-commerce brand.

This should be an especially big consideration as Apple and Facebook square off over privacy/data issues in iOS14.

Facebook as an ad channel could soon become much less effective.

That’s the case with any channel you don’t own. The rules of social platforms always change and it will almost never be to your brand’s benefit – don’t build your business solely upon them.

Own the list, have direct contact with your customers and prospects. An active email list is still the golden egg.

—Sources: Privy and Shopify data across 80M email contacts during BFCM (Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend).

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