Website Care Packages

Website Care Packages

WebCare Plans. No Obligations. No long term contracts. Cancel / downgrade anytime. Someone should care for your website, why not us nerds?

Website Care Packages

Website care packages take on responsibility of keeping your website healthy. These include Hosting, Malware Scanning, Daily Backups, Performance Optimization, and a SSL Certificate. As well as Plugin and WordPress Core Software Updates.

WordPress WebCare Packages include the following

You don’t have time to worry about your website. Thus without that distraction you can focus on growing your business. We take care the rest.

Performance Optimization

Your website’s load time and performance matters to users. Any downturn in performance will effect your search engine optimization efforts.

Nightly Backups

We take daily backups and store them offsite for up to 30 days. We’ll can restore your site to a previous version if any errors arise.

Free SSL

Every website we host comes with its own SSL certificate. Therefore no extra cost, keeping your website secure for visitors. No configuration.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Updating of WordPress software is hands-off. We keep WordPress core and plugins are updated. Stop dreading those releases. We’ve got your back.

Monthly Reports

Google Analytics, and website health reports are available monthly. These are sent straight to your inbox.

Staging Site

A staging website allows you to test changes and plugin updates. Preventing unnecessary downtime. Ensuring your website is always in peak condition.

Plugin Updates

We maintain and update your WordPress plugins. All in a staging environment. This is where we test these. Then we publish the updates live.

Theme Updates

We’ll update your WordPress theme for you. As well as test it to be certain the updates are compatible with your plugins and other integrations.

Content Changes

For example, photo, video, and other small updates to your website. As well as adding small changes that can be done in an hour or so.


We use Google’s infrastructure to improve your website’s security and speed. Your site is secured at the server level. No plugins needed.


Contact us any time you need content updates, new features, or just have a question. We’re here and eager to help.

Upgrade When You're Ready

If you find you need more attention, no problem. You can upgrade or downgrade as you need to in order to match your businesses growth.

Compare Web Care Packages

All plans include “jobs.” These are a set number of tasks and content changes performed per month.

See below for a description of what a job is.

Compare Plans

Personal Plan


We will support one website

1 job request a month for content changes

Up to 4 plugins updated and supported per month

Smart Plan


We will support one website

3 job requests a month for content changes

Up to 6 plugins updated and supported per month (including commercial plugins)

We will support your theme (commercial or custom)

Enterprise Plan


Support for one website.

5 job requests per month for content changes.

Up to 12 plugins updated and supported per month (including commercial plugins).

We will support your theme (commercial or custom).

eCommerce Store, or Membership websites included in this level.

Complete the form and select a plan you would like more information on.

What are “Jobs”?

Requesting a specific content change on your website is a job. This email could contain many tasks; the email itself is what counts as the”job.”

Based on the plan you select, you can have up to five jobs per month. Jobs do not roll over month to month.

Website Care Packages FAQs

Is hosting included with this service?

We do encourage you to consider our Managed WordPress Hosting. This means increased website performance, security, and stability.

What if a plugin or theme is no longer supported by the developer?

You can use a job to find a replacement for the plugin or the theme. Note that a full theme migration might use up your jobs for the month.

Do you provide content?

Not with these plans. We prefer you send us your content. Content is logo, photos, videos, etc. you want updated or added to your site.

Does xyz count as a job?

A “job” is a specific change or request that you describe in detail. “Make the site look nicer” is not a job. “Design a new header image that looks like xyz” is a job.

Therefore, “Design a new look for the page and make it live on the site” is TWO jobs.

If in doubt, ask. We’re happy to discuss options and be flexible to a degree.

Can I make changes to a job once submitted?

No, if you make a change to the content or scope of the job it will need a new one.

However, design work and changes include one revision. But if there is something you’d like to tweak about the changes that is fine.

Can I submit all my jobs at once and have them done right away?

No, you can rank jobs for us to focus on. For a specific amount jobs per month, per plan. We cannot guarantee delivery with a short turnaround time.

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