NerdBrand Podcast Episode 12 – Cloverfield Conspiracy and Viral Marketing

NerdBrand Podcast Episode 12 – Cloverfield Conspiracy and Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

We’re doing a sequel! This episode of the NerdBrand podcast is us revisiting the Cloverfield Conspiracy and Viral Marketing! What’s that now all look like in 2020? Will there be more films? 

What is Viral Marketing?

According to film theorist Dan North,

“Traditional publicity campaigns rely on the carefully timed release of authoritative information from a central source to a mass audience. Viral campaigns, in contrast, depend on relinquishing control: releasing key pieces of information in carefully chosen places, in the hope and expectation that it will spread organically through the target audience, as a virus spreads from person to person.” 

Dan North

Websites and Social Media were used to thread a story that was not clear until the following movie was released: 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Anticipation rose for the the next, The God Particle, renamed, Cloverfield Paradox. Below is the budgets Bad Robot had and its Gross sales for its movies since 2001.

Viral Marketing Campaign sites still online:

YouTube Video for Viral Campaign

CREEPY – she drank the slushy stuff, in a gift, and drank it, and was dead in the first movie on couch after losing her mind in the video.

Viral Marketing website for Jamie’s and Teddy is a viral website created by the Cloverfield producers as part of the Viral Marketing Campaign. The site was created by Jamie Lascano, as a gift for her boyfriend, Teddy Hanssen. Eleven video clips were posted on the site before the movie’s premiere.


Cloverfield Theory Film Timeline

It seems 4-5 movies are planned, with the next one coming soon. Overload was not a in the franchise.

  1. Cloverfield – 2008/10 
  2. Cloverfield Lane – 2016 
  3. God Particle – Cloverfield Paradox – What happened to this movie?
  4. unknown ?
  5. unknown ?
2001Joy RideJohn Dahl$23 million$36.6 million
2008CloverfieldMatt Reeves$25 million$170.8 million
2009Star TrekJ. J. Abrams$150 million$385.7 million
2010Morning GloryRoger Michell$40 million$60 million
2011Super 8J. J. Abrams$50 million$260.1 million
Mission: Impossible – Ghost ProtocolBrad Bird$145 million$694.7 million
2013Star Trek Into DarknessJ. J. Abrams$190 million$467.4 million
2015Infinitely Polar BearMaya Forbes$6.7 million$2.1 million
Mission: Impossible – Rogue NationChristopher McQuarrie$150 million$682.7 million
Star Wars: The Force AwakensJ. J. Abrams$245 million$2.068 billion
201610 Cloverfield LaneDan Trachtenberg$15 million$110.2 million
Star Trek BeyondJustin Lin$185 million$343.5 million
2018The Cloverfield ParadoxJulius Onah$45 millionN/A
Mission: Impossible – FalloutChristopher McQuarrie$178 million$791 million
OverlordJulius Avery$38 million$41.7 million
2019Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerJ. J. Abrams$275 million$1.074 billion

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