Video Production

Video Production

Video production is the entire process of creating a video.

Video production is the best medium to capture your potential customer’s attention. It will better communicate your brand’s value.

Plainly put, it attracts customers. In addition it’s also helpful to attract new employees, onboard new customers. Video will answer your audience’s questions quickly.

  • Concepting.
  • Location Scouting.
  • Travel expenses.
  • Shot List Creation.
  • Story Boarding.
  • B-Roll Acquired.
  • Talent Acquired (if needed) for voice or on-screen.
  • Getting food catering and drinks for the crew.
  • Scheduling various shoots for the calendar
  • and finally editing and color correcting the footage.

Communicate your brand message with video.

But think first about what kind of video you want.

  • Fun? Informal? Interview style?
  • Then how do you want to use the video?
  • Or is it for recruitment? Training? Testimonials for marketing?

Animated explainer video example

So we know you want the price, but all the above will start at $3,000 and then go up from there. We all know that the more sophisticated thing you want, the more money.

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video production

Did we scare you with that number?

Well, it’s not video production for social media, it’s a high point in your marketing strategy.

That’s why you need to plan your video production project first.

It is recommend integrating video production into your marketing. Keeping it integrated not separated from the rest of your deliverables.

Furthermore, do not rely on social media for conversion. It’s not a converter; it’s mere awareness.

If you start throwing content on the internet to your audience. People won’t recognize you or remember you.

Video production is more targeted from a content approach. Remember everything is an ad.