Elements of Storytelling – Part 3: Spectacle and WW1984 – Podcast Ep. 39

Elements of Storytelling – Part 3: Spectacle and WW1984 – Podcast Ep. 39

NerdBrand Podcast Elements of Storytelling Part 3

Storytelling is instrumental to building a brand, but you must catch the attention of your customers first. In this final episode of our three-part series about storytelling, we talk about the idea of creating Spectacle.

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Chapter 1-2: Mitch’s News

First up, is Mitch with an internet tidbit. 

Start Time of Video 4:40: Mitch’s News (Michael Keaton IS anchor Batman)

Google is unionizing and the only Batman in the DCEU is Michael Keaton.

Start Time of Video 5:50: Google Unionizing

Chapter 3: Spectacle and WW1984

Now let’s talk WW1984 a bit, to set up how we’re relating to “spectacle” and brand strategy.

What is spectacle?

Chapter 3: Spectacle and WW1984

Spectacle is simply creating shock and awe, or a “WOW moment.” 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be controversial or applicable to all people — only your customers.

It’s an event that is memorable, unexpected, and leaves the audience wondering.

Creating a spectacle is a challenge to itself. And once you’ve gained attention, how do you maintain and further itt

Basically “Pretty is easy, smart is hard.”

– Mitch’s Axiom #222

Creative Choices

WW1984 made a spectacle of the poster for example – very Ragnarok and exciting. But nothing about the product was 1984-ish at all.

Visual aesthetics are being used to support a theme, taking cues from a certain look and feel (1984). But it seemed to lose the core essence as they worked through creative choices.

You might say form took precedence over the function.

In Closing

We appreciate all our subscribers and listeners to our podcast, and want to thank you for your support. Especially during Covid-19.

Next time on NerdBrand, we’re starting a new series about brand message, passion in business, and why these are critical in your overall business growth strategy.

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