Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization extends well beyond your website. Whether you're in Louisville, Lexington, Nashville, rank higher for your businesses key-phases.

Search Is About People

Search Engine Optimization services take more effort and knowledge than most may think. Gone are the days of ranking for whatever keywords we want. Google shows search results based on what’s best for the user.

Search Engine Optimization is about users.

Louisville SEO

We’re all Google users, making SEO about convenience.

If you Google “Miami Restaurants” – not one restaurant is in the top 5 search results organically.

You’ll see a location map results based on ratings. It’s safe to say Google understands what users want by analyzing the massive amount of data it has. We can use that data to better position your business for success.

But what about Google “reviews?”

Stop! SEO is not just about reviews. It’s about you offering quality services, product, and information to your audience.

Search engine optimization requires a holistic approach. This involves a website that legitimizes your business.  That way, it can attract more users from search engines, and keep these users engaged.

Google Reviews Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization services requires constant content analysis and monthly work.

People change search behaviors all the time. Now searches for food delivery, and online shopping are top of mind for users when searching. That will change as our world changes.

How your content is laid out on the webpage is a crucial part of the SEO puzzle. Therefore the placement of paragraphs and images can impact your SEO.

NerdBrand assesses and adjusts the content of your of your site on a regular basis. So it’s another way we’re constantly optimizing your website SEO.

Websites are made for people, and users should absolutely be the focus of your SEO efforts.


Canonicalization, page redirects, pages indexing

Backlink Profile

Unnatural links, duplicate domains, penalization remediation

User Experience

Site speed, render blocking, calls-to-actions

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