Vital Motion Group Fitness

Vital Motion Group Fitness

Brand Naming and Development

Group fitness for any level.

Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or the gym is a second home, Vital Motion Group Fitness is the ideal place to reach your goals. 

This is how we got to this message and name for this local Louisville Gym.

Dana Conder, Owner, Vital Motion Group Fitness |

“I love working with NerdBrand! They were extremely helpful and patient in the rebrand of my gym. I wanted my brand/gym to reflect me and my why. They took the time to get to know me and my story. Thanks to them, I have a brand and website I love! I highly recommend working with the Nerds!”

In 2021 we met Dana Conder through networking at the Saint Matthews chamber of commerce. Through the introduction Dana shared her story of why she was stressed about being a business owner, and needing a new brand name to build her vision. It was the perfect beginning of a relationship.

The team at NerdBrand took over and began immediately brand naming process. This is more than just throwing ideas on the wall. We interviewed Dana, and learned personal stories to help us shape up her vision visually. Once we had the name, we started to standardize the basic elements of a brand visually.

What we did:

Brand Naming, Identity, Copywriting, and Creative Design.

Web design and Development Process

There are a lot of platforms that exist. But we’ve been building WordPress websites for a long time, and knew for starters that it was the best option. Using our skills in design and code, we crafted a new web presence for her new business.

The goal of the website is to inform, but has plenty of room to scale to an online sales converter.

Every user we wanted to give the information that they are all looking for, but with creative ways to move from “price” to Dana’s amazing personalities.

We’re so found of her and excited to see her succeed. It was amazing to be a part of her vision, and help her make it come alive.