Token 3 Club

Token 3 Club

Non-profit Website Design for Token 3 Club

Token 3 Club is a Louisville non-profit offering addiction recovery meetings and resources.

What we did:

Brand Strategy, Identity, Copywriting, Creative Design, and Website Development and Design.

Token 3 Club homepage shown on a MacBook Air laptop
Ann O’Daniel, Board Member at Token 3 Club |

“The team at NerdBrand did a terrific job of guiding our non-profit team, which had no web experience, through the development and launch of our website. They were quick to interpret what we were trying to achieve and partnered with us in finding ways to help grow our business. The end product is something we are all proud of and the new site has already helped us in gaining new visitors.”

Dianna Timperman, Executive Director at Token 3 Club |

“Our non-profit organization worked with NerdBrand to create our website, and the experience exceeded our expectations. Jonathan and the entire creative team were responsive and professional, and we love the final product.”

Token 3 Club meetings schedule shown on an iPad and and iPhone 12

When someone is seeking recovery, finding meetings and resources may be the difference between life or death. This is the mentality our team took as we began this web design project for the Louisville non-profit.

  • How can we simplify, generally?
  • How can we make meeting schedules easily navigable for people seeking recovery?
  • Through visual design and content, how can we convey a welcoming spirit and inspire confidence to visit a meeting?
  • How can we offer resources and information upfront to ease stress and decision-making?

Donation Strategy and Upgrades

Finally, we asked, how can we help the Token 3 Club attract more donations & sponsors to continue providing their great service?

Donations portion of the Token 3 Club homepage

We enhanced Token 3 Club’s visual identity by leaning into their broad color palette. Using lots of soft colors, the website exudes calmness and clarity.

We brought donations and meetings information front and center, in addition to creating simplified navigation and a user-friendly schedule layout on Meetings pages.

Token 3 Golf Scramble 2022

We built a portal to support their golf scramble registrations and fundraising for this years (2022) golf scramble.

The much-improved donations gateway now allows for simple payment processing, automated recurring donations, tribute donations, and more.

Also, a SaaS-based event management platform specifically for non-profit golf scramble registrations and fundraising seems like a need and we sort of just built the MVP.