The Spa at Norton Commons

The Spa at Norton Commons

A Transformation Worth Witnessing

The Spa at Norton Commons sought a re-freshed look and improvements to their website on a new platform. Our creative team was able to recreate the logo and add a few subtle improvements, and then we were off to the races.

What we did:

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Website Design, Copywriting, and Creative Design.

While an attractive design, their logo wasn’t constructed in a way that worked consistently across all online and offline platforms. A solid logo design is a key consideration with the many marketing channels available to businesses today.

The 90-day plan

  • Establish formal brand standards
  • Redesign the website
  • Transition the website to WordPress for ease of management and improved performance
Spa Brand Standards
Spa Brand Standards page 2

Why did we start with brand standards?

The Spa lacked original art files for their logo, which is the primary reason our team recreated it. They also had a history of using their color palette and typography inconsistently.

Because these elements are brand anchors for all marketing efforts, we needed to establish a formal brand guide before diving into the website redesign.

This guide ensures The Spa’s brand identity stays in-tact across all digital and printed materials.

The Spa at Norton Commons homepage

The Spa’s WordPress Website Design

The Spa needed a website overhaul to support its marketing efforts and to bolster sales during COVID shutdowns. We discovered design, content architecture, and usability issues upon auditing the previous site.

We also noted a lack of adequate conversion opportunities within the content for The Spa’s services and packages.

As a result, customers were not booking appointments at a high rate and The Spa’s organic search rankings were underperforming.

We not only refreshed the website visually, but we also strategically rewrote and optimized the content. Prevalent calls to action were placed in logical areas, engaging users, and encouraging them to book appointments.

Additionally, we carefully retooled the website’s overall structure in adherence to Google’s Core Web Vitals, which are new search engine ranking factors set to go live in 2021.

Results and Outcomes

The Spa experienced notable improvements in website engagement and usability.

Decreased overall website bounce rate by 20%
Decreased bounce rate on the Services page by 22%
Increased avg. time on site by 121%

(from 22 seconds to 1-1/2 minutes)

Site Users

Exploring the website for an increased amount of time


More readily finding the information and services they seek


More scheduled appointments, purchase packages, and purchase gift cards