Mirazon Website Design and Consulting

Mirazon Website Design and Consulting

Mirazon Website Mockup Design and Digital Marketing Consulting.

Mirazon is a Louisville I.T. company that provides Managed I.T. Services and approached us about needs in paid advertising.

After 2 months of running ads, we discovered that Managed I.T. Services was not only a saturated term, but there is little in overall search volume. Making an organic approach recommended.

However, there were some problems with the website that prompted for a new design.

Managed I.T. Services Lander

The Website Mockup.

When initiating a Managed I.T. brand strategy that is search engine focused, it’s a form of SEO, but it’s tailored to those that have a familiarity with your brand. Brand awareness is a constant tactical tool because people remember things about you, your name, before they recall what you do. We wanted to set a specific tone in the brand’s visual from your very first encounter online.

As with all of our projects,

we start with a Brand Guide.

Mirazon’s brand guides consisted of their logo and colors. Brand guides aid all people involved with the brand’s message to keep all copy, photos, artwork, designs, or other materials publicly shared in sync and on-brand. We expanded this guide to include language that address Managed I.T.-related grammar.

Mirazon Social Media Artwork

People interact with brands on their websites, but first on social media. We consult as branding experts that people see before they read. So, we cleaned up the social media art from Facebook to LinkedIn for Mirazon Managed I.T.

Mirazon Logo - Managed IT Services
Facebook Avatar
Managed IT Services - Mirazon Facebook Banner
Facebook Cover Art

Managed I.T. Services Sales and Marketing Materials

Managed I.T. Services is offered by a lot of I.T. firms. When your users interact with sales teams, they need something that helps them communicate value to the prospects that you know what to do for their information technology needs.

Our goal was to:

  • Build awareness.
  • Create an emotional connection.
  • Differentiate the offering from others.
  • Create credibility and trust in your name.
  • Motivate purchasing from future customers.
  • Create a visual identity for improving customer acquisition and retention.
Managed IT Services Mirazon Flyer