LensFactory – Brand Guidelines

LensFactory – Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines project.

Recently we worked with LensFactory, an eyeglass lens manufacturer, to create a comprehensive brand guide that would help LensFactory communicate its brand identity and message effectively.

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What is the difference between a marketing message and a slogan?

A marketing slogan is just a “promise,” but a message is a core value, belief, and mission to deliver on that promise.

LensFactory Message

It’s not enough to design a logo. You have to communicate how to use it.

What if you are making ads? Which logo version is used? Where is the preference for placement in the ad?

There’s a myriad of questions marketing needs to know.

Website developers want a correct file format. Send them anything but an SVG, and their eyes roll.

Application for logo use for materials and digital ads.

Speaking of eyes, let’s talk color.

Color palette to use.

Colors communicate to your audience. It’s not as simple as a “blue” or “green.” Being consistent with your colors keeps familiarity with the brand across mediums.

Use the palettes in photos.

Speaking of familiarity, use photos that fit the demographic you’re advertising to and use your brand’s colors in the photos to keep them engaged.

Read here how this new look translated to increased online sales by 150%.

One of the strengths of this brand guideline?

It uses clear and concise language.

The focus is written in a way that is easy to understand, even for someone unfamiliar with branding or marketing. This makes it a valuable resource for employees to create marketing materials.

Illustration guide
Typography guide

This is especially important for an eyeglass lens manufacturer like Lensfactory, as it ensures that all employees can effectively communicate the brand’s identity to customers.

This guide emphasizes the importance of consistency in branding. With this guide, LensFactory can establish a strong brand identity and connect with customers meaningfully.