Commercial Production for LensFactory

Commercial Production for LensFactory

LensFactory, a direct-to-consumer brand on the Shopify platform, specializes in manufacturing replacement eyeglass lenses. Customers are able to upload their prescription and order new lenses from the comfort of their home!

As a brand determined to make a name for itself in a competitive market, a captivating commercial to showcase their service was fitting. The commercial supported a national media campaign that served video ads through OTT and CTV — fancy acronyms for streaming TV like Roku, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and others.

We also served targeted banner ads directly to households of individuals who wear glasses. Last but not least, our campaigns served retargeting ads to draw repeat traffic to the LensFactory website.

30-second commercial production for LensFactory.

Let us tell you a story.

Online lens replacement is a relatively new option for customers. Leaning into video allowed for the power of storytelling to be used. We explained how the online ordering process works and why LensFactory is a great choice.

After all, with online lens replacement, you can skip the in-person appointment and save up to 75% compared to retail. What’s not to love?

As LensFactory’s agency of record, we jumped at the opportunity to help the brand make this big step. The production and media campaign pushed LensFactory onto the national scene, increased brand awareness, and ultimately drove more online sales.

The first step was to develop a compelling narrative that would both educate and resonate with customers.

After a handful of brainstorming sessions, our team worked with LensFactory to concept and script a how-it-works video.

In a short 30-seconds, we explained the simple process of ordering replacement lenses online. We placed emphasis on the convenience and cost-savings.

Lights, camera, action.

With the goals and script in place, Mitch Gregory, NerdBrand’s Creative Director, found the perfect actress to play our central figure.

Production began with a crew of skilled professionals working to bring the story to life. They used state-of-the-art equipment to capture every scene, including filming at LensFactory’s lab.

The post-production phase was equally important.

The team carefully edited the footage, weaving it together to enhance the story and to ensure every second of the commercial was educational and compelling.

Finally, after weeks of dedication and hard work, the commercial was complete!

15-second commercial production for LensFactory.